Scene 35

One year passed.

"M beautiful daughter, a year feels fast, slow, torturous, dark, pent up. Unexpectedly, you are gone forever. A year has passed, but mom never saw your smile except only in dreams. I rarely dreamed. Why? ? Do you not miss Mom anymore? Are you happy there? " Delisha was still mumbling, confiding in Cheryl's grave.

"Ah, mom is still not sincere. But ... Today, with all the weaknesses, mom came here for the first time. This is not an easy thing, baby. But, slowly, mom can get up. You go, but the deepest regret of all of us will not be. We never forgot we caught up with you. Mom knows, you once said, mom as the cruel mother on this earth." the tears did not stop flowing. They were even getting heavier like Niagara Falls. Delisha had promised to forget everything but returned to the grave, just like returning to remembering old memories that were stored, and the wound came back, making foul pus.

"Happy there,

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