Chapter 2

"She can't know Mike, she is too young to start her training. She hasn't even come of age yet" a feminine voice says in an argumentative tone, peering through the crack in the door I see my moms face over a mans shoulder. They're having a really heated conversation and it looks like my mom is winning this argument.

"With a power like hers she needs to train, if she turns 18 before she learns to harness it she could destroy herself and those around her" he counters in their fight. I don't even know who they are talking about.

My mom spots me peeping through the crack.

"Raven, you should be asleep, go back to bed, don't worry about anything you've heard tonight ok, just got back to bed." She says to me and I nod my head, even though I was pretty sure I wouldn't forget this. I hear a distant ringing in the background as the image starts to fade.

My eyes snap open to a still blurry image, I reach over and slap my alarm clock with more force than necessary to shut up the irritating ringing. I slip out of bed, out from the comfort of my warm blankets. I groan sitting up on the edge of my bed, taking a moment to find the will to get up. I stand up and stretch my legs and lift my arms to the roof. I run my fingers through my messy, bed hair in an attempt to comb out the knots. Pulling on the uniform that's closest to my size, I pull it on. The black pencil skirt barely covers my butt whilst the white blouse is tight across my chest and seems to be missing one or two buttons at the top. Great, I think to myself, I look like a waitress at a strip club. At least tips will probably be good I think to myself with a shrug of my shoulders.

I walk out of my room whilst tying a white apron around my skirt with a bow at the back. Now I look like a medieval maid, perfect. At lest it's an upgrade from the stripper waitress. I enter the kitchen as the bright light practically hits me in the face. I am definitely not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination.

"Good morning Raven" I hear Tommy say from behind me in the kitchen, just as he comes in for the passage. I turn around to greet him and as he takes in my appearance he is trying to look everywhere except my chest. A blush creeping up his cheeks and neck. What gentlemen I think to myself.

"Good morning Tommy", I greet in return as he scurried out of the kitchen with a nervous haste.

"I see someone has gotten all clean and dressed up" says a voice from the shadow of the passage says. I look down the passage to see Damon emerging from the shadows. He, unlike his younger brother, looks unapologetically at my exposed chest and legs. Not even trying to hide his appreciation, a chill creeps down my spine. I fold my arms across my chest giving the skirt a small tug down to cover more of my legs.

"Yeah, though I think this uniform is a tad too small", I replied, tugging at the edge of my skirt for emphasis.

"I think it fits you perfectly," says Damon, his gaze lingering on my exposed legs.

Another shadow emerges from the dark. Jason's face comes into the light. I see a scar just under his left cheekbone that I didn't see last night and wonder what story lies behind that mark. I'm torn out of my thoughts by Jason grunting a good morning and then promptly exiting the kitchen. I guess he isn't a morning person either.

"Wonder what's got his knickers in a knot" Damon comments with a chuckle, I can't help but also wonder although I haven't really seen any other side than this grumpy one yet.

I exit the kitchen to go and ask Jason what he wants me to do, I walk out and see him wiping down the tables and flipping the closed sign to open. 

"What would you like me to start off with?" I ask in what I hope is a nervous tone. If there is one thing I learnt that if they think you're submitting to them they don't try to enforce dominance. That is a lesson I learned the hard way.

"You can wipe down the tables in the far corner first and then customers will start arriving and you can start serving them breakfast", he replies without so much as a glance in my direction. His knickers are definitely in a knot.

Just as I'm finishing up with the last table, I hear the bell at the front door ring. In come a frail looking man and women who must be at least in their late 70 or early 80s. 

"Table for two", Jason questions with a cherry smile that seems to have appeared from thin air. I'm starting to wonder if I bring out the worst in him.

"Table for two as always" the old man says with an adorable smile. The type of smile I'd picture on a cuddly grandfather. Jason leads them to a table in the corner.

"The same as always Mr and Mrs Hutchins?" He asked with his still warm demeanor.

"Same as always the lady replies" as she sits down in the chair that her husband pulled out for her. She blushes at his chivalry.

It's so cute to see the old couple looking so in love, it's how I'd always hoped I'd end up. But know I know that love seldom ends happily. I never actually been in love but I don't often see old peopl this in love.

"Go to the kitchen and tell Damon that the Hutchins want their usual." Jason commands me as he tries not to let his warm demeanor slip in front of the customers. I want to roll my eyes at his mood change but I suppress it.

I give a swift nod as I turn towards the kitchen.

"The Hutchins want their usual", I parrot to Damon he starts throwing random things into pots and pans and things start to sizzle. After ten minutes of a tizzy of cooking two perfect looking plates of food are on the counter. Wow, I knew he was a chef but these are some good looking plates of food.

"Order up," Damon says, hitting the bell on the table with a smile. I can tell he likes that bell way more than he should and the thought makes me smile.

I pick up the plates and place them on a tray along with two classes of water. I carry them out and place them on the table.

"Here is your food" I say with what I'm hoping is a convincing smile. 

"Are you new here?" The frail old lady asks as I set her glass of water down on the table.

"Yes, today is my first day", I reply, not letting my smile falter.

"It's nice to see a pretty young face" the lady compliments with a cute little smile. It's people like her that make me wish that I had grandparents.

"It's nice to see a couple so in love" I reply and the lady turns to gaze lovingly into her husband's eyes and he reciprocates.

"We really got lucky" the old man says, reaching over to rest his hand atop his wife's hand.

"I should get back to the kitchen" I say with a smile.

"Of course dearie" the lady says. She is someone I'd picture as the most loving grandmother. I wouldn't know though. I don't even have a mother let alone know where her mother is or who she is.

I go back to my station behind the bar as Jason comes up behind me.

"I hope the accommodation is to your liking'' he says in a gruff voice.

"Yes, thank you" I say, keeping my response short. 

"There is a fair in the meadows tonight, the boys and I were thinking of going, you're welcome to join us if you want. Dinner will be on me"

I ponder the offer for a second before replying

"That sounds like fun, what time should I be ready?" I've never been one to turn down free food.

"We'll probably leave around 6:30. The pub will be closing early" 

"Perfect I'll be ready then." Jason nods and leaves me to my thoughts.

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