Chapter 4

I Looked at him as though he was sick, i started to laugh while he remained i expressionless,"wait you're joking right, you do know what surrogacy is right?" I asked him and he still remained expressionless 

"I know very well what surrogacy means and i want you to be my surrogate

"I want a child and i want you to carry it for me, for whatever amount you want" he says as though we were talking about a toy, i look at him in the eye and saw that he was serious 

"Why did you choose me?,you have to be joking right" i say and he pulls out a card from his suit 

"Here take this, when you are ready for serious business you can call me" he says and handed me the card

I collected it from him and saw as he pulls out wad of cash from his wallet and placed it on my bed 

"Take this, i could hear your stomach rumbling from miles away so i know you haven't eaten in days, get something to eat" he attempted to leave but stopped 

"And also don't contemplate returning the money, consider it a loan and i would come back to collect my money " he says and left

I was too stunned to say anything who did this man think he is uh,  although I can't deny the fact that i am hungry, no scratch that i am desperately famished and starved for food 

I took the money from the bed, i would pay him back whenever i have the money but for now i need food.

I wore clothes and went out to eat, this was the first time in days i was eating proper food, i even had extra to pay my rent and buy June food tomorrow. I don't care that i sound like a beggar right now but i would pay him whenever i have the money.

I walked back home a little fulfilled and slept off.

The next day i paid the landlord his money and i still had change to buy June her food, i wore my clothes feeling more determined to get a job, obviously I wouldn't give surrogacy a place in my heart to think about it. If he wanted a child he could go adopt or get married, what the actual fudge is asking me to be a surrogate for him , like carry someone's child no can't do

I took a cab to the hospital and walked straight to June's room, i saw her asleep and sighed "it must be the medication " i tell myself, i dropped the food beside and and stroked her hair i love you sis I whispered hoping she would at least hear me

I walked out of the room and went to the doctor's office, i knocked and heard a come in, i saw the doctor sitting with an X-ray in his hands. He looks up at me and smiles "Ah Aubrey, please have a sit" he tells me and i smile at him

"Good morning Doctor " i say and he greets me back

"I have good news Aubrey, we have a donor and his kidney matches well with June's own" he says and i smile brightly at him

"Are you serious sir, so can the surgery commence now?" I ask him eagerly and he nods at me

"Yes Aubrey, it can commence soon" he tells me and the smile on my face couldn't be wiped off at all

"The donor would be here tonight so make yourself available " he tells me and i nod eagerly

"Thank you very much doctor" i stood up to leave but waited 

"Doctor, please who is doctor white?" I ask him and a faint smile appeared on his lips 

"Doctor white is a colleague of mine but a senior doctor, why do you ask?" He asks me and i shrugged 

"I heard some nurses talk about him" i say and he nods

"Alright Aubrey, i will see you later "

I left his office and walked to June's room, she was still unconscious 

"June, i have good news for you, you would be cured soon and would be able to come back home with me" i say and wiped the tears that had begun to form, i also brought you food so you don't have to eat hospital food , please June you have to fight this and get better. I kissed her forehead and walked out of the room

Now there is a donor, i just need money to pay for the surgery , and getting a job seemed to be impossible at the moment, At least one problem is off my neck right now

I started again with the job hunt and was still unsuccessful in all my attempts, feeling so frustrated i sat down and buried my head on my hands

How do i get the money for this, how can i raise 400, 000$ in such a little time

How about surrogacy my subconscious told me and i shut it out completely, having a baby for someone else when I haven't even had a boyfriend or even gotten Dis-virgin  no I can't do that

But you just said there's nothing you can't do for your younger sister my subconscious reminded me and i sighed, there wad nothing I couldn't do for her, but surrogacy!!

My eyes began to water and it was fast becoming an habit, i hate that i am weak i need to be strong. I have been through situations like this and came out with little scar, what is so hard about being a surrogate so my sister's life would be saved, heck I didn't go to college so i would be able to provide for her, i took up so many odd jobs just to provide for her and i also worked for Mr Perez even though i almost got raped all just to provide and now that she really needs me to take care of her, if Surrogacy is the only way for that I would do it.

My mind was made up, i am going to be a surrogate for Doctor White

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