XVI: How To Look Fabulous Through Confusion

"I'm telling you, the kings joined the football team because of Lilac!" Gail exclaimed, sitting atop my shared table with Kai, who happened to be catching some z's with his head and arms on the vacant side of the table.

"But don't you think it's too petty, even for them, to join the football team all to catch Lilac's attention?" Nina furrowed her brows, making Gail roll her eyes. "Honey, they're the kings of petty if you've forgotten."

"Sure but, to what gain?" she questioned again.

"I only see it this way, they 1) want a reason to approach her when she's cheering Tommy in the bleachers, 2) want a reason to gang up on her on a singular occasion, 3) they want to flaunt their physiques in unnecessary ways because they're all arrogant farts."

Nina and Gail looked at each other with looks sold with those reasons, while Cece groaned and rolled her eyes. "Forget that, it shouldn't matter what the reason is, what we should do now is prepare Lilac for the worst."

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