"Maam and sir I'm really sorry for what happened to your daughter." I explained while my tears is continously falling through my eyes. 

"No, iho we are thankful, you take good care of our girl. Kyla will be fine." Kyla's dad said.

"Don't blame yourself! Nobody wants what happened. All we have to do is pray for her and wish that everything will be okay." Kyla's mom said.

"I'm also sorry for what my family does to you that happened few years ago." I exclaimed. I was 8 years old back then, when my family steal billions of money from kyla's family for the sake of our company that causes her family to go bank crupt but I'm glad not because our company got bigger but because of the kindness of Kyla's family they got to build and earn all they deserve because of their hard work. 

"We already move on iho. We don't care what happened in the past it's already past what's important is now." Kyla's mom said. 

"Excuse me every
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