When I woke up my eyes felt heavy, I tried to move but my movements were restrained, I can't move my hands and legs they were tied with a rope. I panicked, and opened my eyes adjusting to the surrounding, which seems to be unfamiliar. Then all the memories of what happened came like a roller coaster in my head. I remembered what happened. I looked around and there was no one in the room. Everything was quite luxurious. 

Then suddenly the door opened, and came in the guy, who looked familiar as if I've seen him before, but when my eyes met his, a chill ran down my spine and I gulped. He was the same guy who bumped into me in the alley. How can I forget those pitch black eyes.

That man came closer and sit on the bed and tried to touch my cheeks but I moved back. His eyes were scary, I was scared of him. He can also felt that, And he smirked. Which, made him look like a handsome devil. He didn't say anything. Just kept staring at me with his scrutinizing gaze. It was like his stare was piercing through my soul. Then with all the courage I asked. All in one breath.

"Who are y-you? Where am I? What do you want? Let me go!" Chloe asked panicked. 

He gave me an amused look, and smirked. What's with him and all the smirking?

"W-what?" She stuttered. 

He then started coming closer. I backed up a little. He then leaned in closer than my liking and whispered in my ear, while licking my earlobe.


"You are mine." He husked making me freeze on the spot. His words felt so creepy and terrigying, she just wants to believe that it's one of the nightmare and she'll wakeup all fine and well in her room but unfortunately there was nothing like this. It's the reality in which she was trapped.

"W-what?" I trembled badly, my throat felt clogged up.

My words came out as a stutter. As, he moved back. Sweat beads appeared on my forehead. I felt scared. My heart was pacing so fast. And my mind was blank. I couldn't think of anything. 

"You heard me!" He mused, with a smirk on his face.

But what is wrong with this guy. You can't just kidnap someone and say you are mine. I wanted to put some common sense in his head, but he looks scary. I felt extremely intimidated by him.

"I-I'm not yours." I muster up the courage and spoke up, I don't even know from where my courage came from.

He chuckled as if I said the most amusing thing, and his chuckle converted into a smile. And it wasn't any genuine smile, it was a sinister smile. His eyes have some glint in them which is unknown to me.

Smiling he caresses my cheek and I flinched back from his touch. Which, caused a change in his demeanor. The smile was gone and replaced by a dark expression, his lips sealed into a thin line. He holds my chin roughly in his harsh grip and pulled my face closer to his, a whimper left my mouth by his rough hold. His nails were digging in my flesh. When we were dangerously close enough and I can felt his breath on my face. He spoke menacingly.

"You are mine. Mine to do as I please." He rasped making my eyes to widen.

His words terrified me to no end. But the thing that shook me to my core and made my blood ran cold in my veins were his eyes. The intensity and emptiness of his dark pitch orbs held a promise.

A promise to break me, corrupt me and to make me his for ever.

I closed my eyes shut, long forgotten the pain of his hold on my chin. I can't look in those pitch black eyes. They scared me to this much extent that I started trembling with fear. Tears were rolling down my eyes by now. I felt his fingers left my chin and are wiping my tears.

"Look in my eyes Chloe." He hissed.

On hearing my name my eyes shot open. But I didn't look at him instead kept my eyes on the floor. How does he know my name?

I saw he clenched his fist and then clenched it. as he growled.

"I said look at me!" He roared this time.

Horrified by his loud voice, I flinched back and looked at him.

"l-let m-me go P-please." My voice scared.

I pleaded, on this his jaw tightened.  While his fingers made his way in to my hairs, he grab my hair in his grip,and pulled them hard. Making me scream out in pain. He seethed.

"You belong to me understood. The faster you accept it, the better it is for you." He warned me.

I bit my lower lip to suppress my cries. I felt his thumb on my lower lip. And the next moment his lips were on mine. My eyes were wide open. I was numb for a moment until I felt his tongue licking my lips for entrance. I sealed my lips in a tight line and started struggling hard. And my tears were not stopping.

I felt a harsh tug on my hairs and a whimper left my mouth. Which he used as an opportunity and slid his tongue in my mouth and started devouring it. My struggles were in vane his one hand was in my hairs and other holding my waist tightly to keep me in place.

So I bit his tongue and he abruptly left me. While, whispering a chain of curses.

I was breathing heavily now. And the look he was giving me was terrific. Which, make a shiver to run down my spine. I saw blood at the corner of his mouth. He wiped it with his thumb and looked at it . ( I am dead now)

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door which startled me. He stood up and said come in. A young man came in he was handsome with sharp jawbone and muscular lean physique, with tan complexion. He spoke while looking at me.

The tan complexion guy said. "We need to talk Andrew."

"Alright." Was Andrew's plane reply.

That guy left then Andrew looked at me and said.

"I'm not done babe. I'll be back."
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