Chapter 7 As You Wish

Kiss, Kiss, fall in love *sings*

West Pacific Ocean, China,

Seaside Palace,

Evening, After 2 hours

At 6 o clock, Mu Zeyan opened his obsidian eyes and stared at the Ji AnLing sleeping peacefully in his embrace. After having his fill he kissed her forehead and got off the bed.

No matter how calm he looked in front of Ji AnLing he couldn't deny that an internal struggle would take place inside him every time he interacted with her.

Mu Zeyan wanted to tell her that they were married but he was afraid that Ji AnLing would hate him even more than she already does.

She feared being caged and he feared a life without her. They never knew that one day their fears would come true.

Mu Zeyan turned down the air conditioning of the room and entered the bathroom to take a bath. While he was in the shower, the petite little girl wo

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