Chapter 2 Such A Handsome Yet Such A Fate

S Country, T City

Hilton Bar

Vip room

A young girl clad in a white T-shirt tucked in her faded black high-waisted jeans and white sneakers. A black short blazer was placed beside her. She was swirling a glass of red wine.

As for her actions, they could be described as contemplation. She wanted to drink and not drink the wine at the same time.

This year, according to the world she had turned twenty but in fact, she just turned 18.  She stopped playing with the glass and brought it to her pink lips.

Before she could take a sip, the door slammed open and a male voice entered her ears.

"Oh, no you don't. Not on my watch young lady", the male voice said. When the male entered the room Ji Anling's eyes widened in surprise as she gasped.

"Johnny, what are you wearing?" She closed her mouth with her other hand as she asked. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, red shorts, and... flip flops while carrying a brown file.

"Don't let me know what I am wearing," he said as he threw the file at her. She stood up, raised her hand, and grabbed the file closing in on her. She was about to open it when Johnny interrupted her. 

"Don't you want to know what the emergency is," he questioned her.

She sat down again and shook her head slowly as she spoke lethargically, "you have given me so many false alarms that now I don't even wanna bother to guess the emergency."

"You really don't care about your attire," she added while examining him head to toe.

"No," he replied as he sat down on the couch beside her. He picked up the glass of wine and chugged it. 

It can't be. Johnny had always been a perfectionist. His attire, mannerisms, etiquette, and even his choice of words was perfect. What was so urgent that forced Johnny to ruin his perfectionism?

She looked at the envelope in her hand and proceeded to open it. Before she could open the envelope Johnny snatched it from her and placed it beside him. She looked at him in annoyance.

"Before I start, what did you do in your three-month vacation," he asked her.

"Watched anime" she immediately replied.

"And~," he asked

"Read mangas," she replied

He curbed the urge to beat her and asked again, "and?"

"Of course, watch all seven seasons of Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse," she replied with excitement.

"You!!" He slapped the table hard and gritted his teeth. He leaned at her in rage but sat back down and cleared his throat.

"Did you train," he asked her seriously.

"All that I did was train. I only did all that in my spare time." She cleared up the misunderstanding due to the fear of him surrendering to his urge of beating her up.

"Which one do you want to hear first? Good or bad," he asked her in a heavy tone. She looked at him in askance. "News!!! Stupid," he slapped her head gently.

"The good one first," she replied as she rubbed the area where he slapped and thought 'damn, that hurts.'

He handed her the envelope, pointed at it, indicating her to open it. She eyed him carefully before she proceeded to open it.

She opened the envelope and took out the stack of papers.

On the first page, there was a picture of a man. The man was very handsome. She looked at the man's photograph and felt that he looked familiar.

She skimmed through all the documents seriously and threw them on the table lazily. Then she said just one sentence. "Mu Zeyan, such a nice name, irresistibly handsome face yet such a fate." She curved the edges of her lips into a devilish smile as her eyes turned frosty cold.

That look had always scared the guts out of Johnny as he examined her carefree demeanor. She looked at him and asked for the price of his life.

Johnny placed a finger in front of her to guess.

"Hundred thousand dollars," she guessed.

He shook his head.

"One million," she guessed again.

He shook his head again. Then she decided to raise the price even higher.

"One billion dollars," she guessed while fixing her eyes on his face. He nodded. She involuntarily whistled in excitement.

She felt sad for his fate without even knowing what the future was holding in store for her. Johnny clapped his hands lightly to get her attention.

"Now for the bad news," he whispered.

He didn't wait for her to react as he dropped the bomb on her.

"Someone bought your information from Bandore for three billion dollars," he declared as he dashed out of the room in a bid to save his life.

Ji AnLing stood up in shock as she screamed at the door in outrage.


S Country, T City

Bandore's Headquarters

The Private Room

A 1.95-meter tall body was seated on the sofa wearing a blue fitted blazer over a white dress shirt with navy blue chinos paired with Debby shoes.

The bright lights of the room accented his sharp and handsome features. His legs were placed one over another exuding an aura of elegance and aristocracy. He was furrowing his brows hinting at his impatience.

The door opened and a man holding a briefcase entered the room.

"I am sorry for being late, Mr. Mu. We were compiling the information," he apologized as he placed the briefcase on the table in front of him and opened it.

The dignified man was Mu Zeyan.

He nodded his head, glancing inside the briefcase. Inside the briefcase was a stack of documents and some photographs of a certain girl. He looked at the man and asked for confirmation. "I hope it also contains all of her original documents."

The man nodded his head in agreement and added, "everything in here is real, including her birth certificate."

He took a last look at the briefcase and exited the room. After he left the room another man, his secretary, entered the room with a briefcase and presented it to the man.

"Mr Li, three billion in cash" the secretary spoke as he closed the briefcase containing Ji AnLing's documents and left the room in a hurry.

Li Yuechen was left alone as he revealed an amusing smile.

Outside Bandore's Headquarters

Inside a Rolls-Royce Ghost

"Sir, are we really doing it," Secretary Ying asked nervously and closed his eyes to prepare for being scolded. To his surprise, he actually got an answer. But the answer was beyond his expectations.

"Have you ever fallen love," Mu Zeyan asked in a mocking way.

"No," Secretary Ying replied truthfully as he felt his dignity being trampled on.

"Then you won't understand," Mu Zeyan dismissed him and instructed him to drive.

Secretary Ying "...."

A hint of warmth appeared in Mu Zeyan's eyes as he imagined the days of the future filled with fun. A smile appeared on his thin lips.

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