Author: InspireMiya
Chapter 1: The first meetings...

Jamie POV

In this life, people say that dreaming is for those who have everything. For those who are provided with everything they want. And what is exactly for the people who live a simple life like me? I’m Jamie Lyn Langford from the small town of Beacon, NY.

Yeah! They say that our place is a haven for artists, artisans, chefs, and environmentalists. But who cares?! Jamie lives her life for what she needs to be... She is a carefree person, a loner, and living a simple life.

She believes that living on her own is better than living with her relatives. That’s right! She's an orphan, with no parents as they are already passed away.

Her father died because of a stroke when she was in grade 6, and her mother died when she was in her third year of high school. Well, she can say that even if they are not here physically they're still engraved in her heart. Living alone is hard and she needs to accept it. That’s what God gave her and she should live with it!

Well, that’s what molds her to be who she is now. Jamie is 30 years old, a clean and pure woman, because she doesn’t have time for heart matters her priority right now, is to survive in this cruel world. She makes herself always busy with work to forget how unfortunate she is... She became a lifeless person when her parents died. She's a call center agent at night and a waiter on a pizza parlor in a day.

She is alone so she let herself buried in her work, but she survive the crisis of her life. She worked harder to have a more stable living for her even though sometimes he wants to give up thankfully her friend Diane Smith didn't leave her side, not for a moment... She is always willing to stay next to her. She allowed herself to be vulnerable in front of her friend once, the day they left the world. She accepts that sad reality then Diane came as her knight in shining armor... She became her sister and confidante, it's her whom she trusts the most and always reminds her to take things lightly that apart from working too hard she also needs to spend time with her, she’s not just her only friend for God's sake! But her only family at the moment. 

And as Diane steps foot on her doorstep… She immediately convinced her to her demands.

"Hey, dear! You're coming with me to San Francisco and Your NO has no room for me! It's a three days vacation so make sure to get ready everything you need to settle in your office. I want to relax for some time... Get up! Get up!" She muttered as she pulled her to stand.

"Let me think about it, my dear! Got no time to mess around and leave the office as I like... And one more thing... It's too far from Beacon... I can't just leave my work like that I'm just an employee in that business.."

" Don't push me to say things that will hurt you greatly, coz now I felt like you will leave me in that cliff alone! Am I really a friend to you? I'm not asking for your consent here now... I'm informing you so you could prepare to give yourself a break! You're already punishing your body just because destiny becomes unfair to you when it comes to your family, you are willing to give up your happiness... Im just telling you to take good care of yourself, please! That’s not healthy anymore!"

"Oh! C’mon Jamie! are we arguing because of this? Back off!"  She knows I'm not going to say yes just like that.

"Jamie, you know how much I love you, you're the only friend I have! And treated you not just as a friend but also like my own sister... Why don’t you give me 3 days to be with you?" As she gives me a puppy face that she knows I can't resist…

"Don’t give me that silly reason Diane! Still, my answer is NO! If I agree with you this time. Mr. William will kick me out of work. And you know how I badly need work! Of all people you should be the one to know..." I yell at her to express my disappointments at the moment.

"Oh yeah! And what reason is that? Tell me, babe, are you running out of money lately? I know you’ve worked hard for the last 15 years of your life and that’s enough! Do I need to calculate everything? Is that Mr. William can't get enough of you and he can't give you a 3 days vacation? Only 3 days Jamie... Give me a little time.."

" Wooah! Are you kidding me? Diane! He's almost old to be my... Whoah, no way! And I just can't!" She said with a disgusted look on her face.

"How could you! Blame me? I support you in your career and that's what I got! Don't I deserve a fair fight?" She said as if she was about to cry... "Jamie please! Come with me to California. I and John want you to come.

Unfortunately, I have to agree on one condition that she will not blind date me anymore... Not ever! To get rid of my Vcard, she tried to arrange some but it didn't succeed... It all ends in vain. Can't find the so-called love or fatal attractions in it. Not in the rush anyway!

If the time comes that heart matters will come, I’ll make sure that I’ll be ready not just physically but also emotionally. Since my parents died I was always on guard of myself maybe because I am alone now and I know that I can only rely on myself. Sad but It's true... Everybody has a tragic part in their life but I am different, my parents died because of illness...

I can say that I have relatives but we are not close even when my parents are still here, I'm an only child. Sometimes I thought that life is unfair because some people are given a big and happy family, and some are small families and unfortunately, I was in the latter.

Despite that, I'm still hoping that when the time comes that I will have my own family it will be harmonious and loving. Maybe it will be soon. Until Diane snap her finger in front of my face, the reason I returned to the present.

"World for Jamie! Jeez! What is happening to you..." I heard her as she snaps her fingers in front of my face.

"Ok! Agreed I'm coming…" I was about to grab her and give her a friendly punch but she dodges. Smart and fast huh! The usual.

"Is that true? I just want to be sure. Because the last time I invited you, you change your mind in instant! Don't wanna repeat that!" She said hugging me

"Promise me! No Damien on that trip.. "

Damien is John’s childhood best friend. His suitor for a year now and it makes her uncomfortable to be with him. He keeps bothering her and she can’t give him hope. Jamie already told him, to make sure he knows.

Damien is an established man in his way. He manages a family business at the age of 16. The youngest entrepreneur in Beacon. Lucky a girl to be with him.

His demeanor and easy-going nature are some of the attributes that I like. But I only treat him as my little brother, no more no less.

That's why I told Diane not to invite him, she urges me so it's my rule this time!

"Alright, as you wish…" she answered helplessly.

"Then it’s a deal! Can you leave me alone now? I still have to go to work to settle my leave of absence."

"OUCHIE! You hurt me right here!" She pointed her heart... But I ignore her drama...

"Ok bye, for now! Give me a beep so that I can book our flight now! We're leaving tomorrow."

" Alright!"And Diane prepared to go out of my house she turned around to face me as if she remembers something and asks me…

"Are you sure Damien is not coming?"

"Diane!" I yell at her. And with her hands up she said

"Ok! Fine if that’s what you want! Bye!..." And go out at my door.

As Diane disappeared at my sight I ask myself. Why am I so lucky to have her as my friend I don’t deserve her. She is the most caring friend I have.

It's true… She takes good care of me as if she is my older sister but the fact that we are the same age, she is like an old lady when she talks even in giving advice and of course on scolding me as if I did a very wrong thing but all in all I love her.

Her family treats me as their own because of my sad past... Well, I can say a very horrific past! Mr. and Mrs. Smith accepted me as I am. I may not be very vocal about what I feel but I know that they understand me that much. Their unconditional love teaches me to love others without restrictions.

Coming back from the present... I remember I need to go to the bathroom to prepare for work. After an hour of taking a bath, I tidied up and went out, and hopped on my car. I was driving the rush to work then cut off while I was about to go near our building where I work.

Because of the traffic jam which is normal for the rush hour. To avoid being bored I open my stereo and put the channel on the FM stations, where the songs of my favorite singer are currently playing. It was a popular song by Lewis Capaldi entitled


" Caught me off guard, I wish that I'd been sober,

Still, here we are, back in Hanover 99

Just like old times all over,

Under the exit lights as beautiful as ever,

I wish that I dress up a little better,

No regrets are what we said,

We can't go back again Darling,

Nobody said that it would last forever,

That doesn't mean we didn't try to get there,

I never said that we would die together,

That doesn't mean it was a lie, remember.

Nobody said that it would last forever..."

I can't help but sing with the tune because It is my favorite song. Well, all of his songs actually. I'm still engrossed with the song as I lowered the passenger's window and I happened to look at my side a man driving a sports car, space gray Porsche a very manly insight.

I was mesmerized by the way he stares at me, it was as if he can succumb to the soul of his prey. He can hypnotize. His looks are very captivating, a tall and not too fair complexion a sight to behold actually. All the positive adjectives I have can be fit his descriptions.

As our eyes interlock. It didn't escape my sight how the way he frowned and glared at me after! Maybe because he saw me drooling at him for too long.. Honestly, I'm not satisfied with just drooling I want more... Silly me, But it is! A naughty idea pops up in my mind but because of being un-experienced in love, I blush and became a coward at that moment. So embarrassing!

Jamie reprimanded herself for being shameless. Damn, Jamie! What the fuck are you doing? Imagining the man get naked for you! you're being so bold huh! OMG... Bury me now... I became a sinner...

Until the traffic back to normal, I maneuver the ignition to start the car. I was thinking... Am I that desperate to find a man for me? this is absurd! I must ashamed of what I just did but thinking of it I am filled with excitement... Silly me!

this is the first time I admired a man so easily... I was a girl with very high self-control but this day became an exception, I dunno why! His face can't be erased in my memory but aside from that, his eyes are filled with hatred, a very lonely man even though he is in very expensive business attire that loneliness is very visible.

Whoever hurt him. That woman is strong enough to go against him. Just by looking at it, he must be so rich. The way he carries himself and his look are so outstanding. He has the air of arrogance and knowledge. And can stand out in a crowd with just his feature alone

Just by looking at him, my heart beat faster and my palm is sweating... I was so bothered by him... Then I remember I was driving so I just shrugged my shoulder to cover the embarrassment that I felt a while ago. And finally, I have arrived at my work safely and sound.

I walk into the building where my work is, parked my car where I usually used to, and headed toward the elevator to the 18th flr. where my work is, I went to my cubicle, busied myself on some of my unfinished work that left yesterday. As I say a while ago I am a call center agent,  a customer service representative. We used to receive calls either inbound or outbound.

This work is stressful sometimes but I start loving it because it pays well. And time goes by so fast and my 8 hours of work are almost done. I remember my task for that day to submit my LOA to my team manager who was handling agents with their intended absence.

After logging out to my workstation I went to the office near my cubicle. Team Managers office to submit for leave of absence. Thanks, God! He approved without any further questioning. It is because this is my first time to have left on my work for a few weeks, how many weeks? I don't know yet! After working with almost half of my life here. This is the first time I'll do this.

I used to be a person engaged in work, a workaholic one. It's good too because I don’t have a good explanation as to why I'm going on vacation. And I'm not good at explaining anyway... As I settle to go home and pack my things up. I happen to pass by Mr. William's office and. Saw that his door is ajar. I slowly walk inside without any noise and saw a man talking with him. Oh! he has a guest, I guess I just come back later...

I treat Mr. William as a father so there’s nothing wrong with greeting him right? I continue walking slowly in their presence when I saw a man seating in front of him. They were talking about the business I was about to turn around but I hesitated since I had already walked closer to them so I excuse myself for intervening.

"Hi, boss! I'm about to go home. Just drop by to say hi! I saw your office door ajar. So I decided to come over... And I'm sorry if I was interrupting your conversation..." Jamie uttered apologetically.

"Yes, Jamie! What can I do for you?"

"Nothing sir! You may continue your meeting. I'm going off.." I turned around and headed out after, The boss visitor is the man whom I encountered on the road a while ago... It was the man I saw driving the Porsche car! The man that was so arrogant and the man that I fantasized about this morning.

"Brute!" Jamie cursed. What an arrogant man he is! Thankfully he is a visitor or else she will never let him pass without this man know who he is messing with. Unfortunately, this person is the CEO of the Ribbs Company that is base in California. A place where Jamie will take a vacation.

Francis went there for some business meetings and it happens that Mr. William invited him as he knew that he is here in NY. Mr. William is his father's colleague and friend, so he accepted his invitation but if he can decide he will not going to meet him... Well, at least he can give him respect for his appearance...

Until a woman interrupted our conversations... And say hi to him. Franz concludes that they are close. He asks Mr. William what is their relationship. And the man replied to him with NONE. France finds her beautiful, simple, and has a nice figure. She already mesmerized him the way she looked. She is so innocent. A Lil' demoness that tingled his insides. That sensation I last felt back then that was 5 yrs before. Until this day.

"Oh! That’s Jamie, she is a sweet girl. He used to greet me before going off to work and go home."

" She does that often? STRANGE! Are you that close?" He said as if Mr. WILLIAM did something terrible... And Mr. William gets the hint that I was proving and that makes him more annoyed!

"Mr. Ribbs, that girl! I treated her like my own daughter. She stayed in this company for all of her life. So I can say I know her very well. And it's none of your business after all... I didn't know you have such a dirty mind..." He said in an annoying tone..."Drop whatever unnecessary you think! I'm just a father figure to her. No more, no less." And he assures him.

That statement gives me relief... I look at the old man and I saw compassion in his eyes full of respect for the girl so I just shut up and focused.

I just feel like there's something about the girl that makes me remember her. Her pouting lips as if it's inviting to kiss her, her fair complexion that it's very tempting... Her body that similar to a greek goddess, her bright tantalizing eyes and eyelashes...  I chuckle as I remember where I am and I can't help myself but smile. What's wrong with me! I was so distracted by that girl!

What's with her that I can't take my eyes off her. I'm Francis Ribbs, the CEO, I can have all the women if I want to. With just a phone call away on them and they will come begging me to give them a little attention.

There's Laura back home if I'm longing for sex, she is my FUBU or fucking buddy since my failed relationship, I settle for no label kind of flings.

From the very start of the fling, I tell the real score so that the woman knows what she is supposed to expect from me. I was never into long-time relationships since then, maybe because  I've had enough of girls' facades and dramas in their life...

The separation makes me a stone to any woman, but this girl... I really can't tell what I want from her, in the look of her she is so delicate that you want to protect her and Yes! For the first time in my life I want to have her, I want to love her... Seriously Franz? I ask myself until a ring on my phone takes me back to reality.

"Hello? Who is it?" It was Cherie my fling in here.

"It's Cherie, Can we see each other?"

"I'm sorry, kinda busy! I'm just here for business, can we see each other some other time? "

" I missed you! When will you be here again."

"I don't know, I'll call you." The girl is pissed off. And she said...

"You can't leave me just like that, Francis! You are mine! No woman can have you just like that... Not until I'm around!" She said with determination and a sinister look on her face. She is up to something and she only knows it.

This woman is freaking CRAZY! As I end the phone I prepared to leave. I said my last goodbye to Williams and got out of his office. Everyone is looking at me, especially the girl's employees but I don't give a damn!  All I want now is to go back to my headquarters because I have a lot of appointments that Nita rescheduled, She is my assistant/ PA, And I trust her so much...

As I got to the elevator, I bump into her and she just looks at me as if she had seen a ghost. As fast as a blink of an eye she stumbles as her face bumps my chest, instinctively I wrap my hands around her waist to avoid her from falling and our heart beats fast. I look her in the eyes and it feels like there's some magical force that binding us... I can't get enough of her scent a lavender mist that it's mild to the nose... Her angelic face is unforgettable, I close my eyes and sniff her scent.

At that moment even Jamie can't believe that this arrogant man in the morning is hugging her right now it's so embarrassing.

"I'm sorry sir, I was rushing..." Jamie said but Francis change his admiring expression into arrogant and cold, Jamie gave him a tsk.. look. This man challenges her patience. It was an accident that she bumps into him if only she could turn back time It's better not to meet this arrogant man... He's ruining her day. 

"Ok, then Mr..."  She said and went to the corner of the elevator so that the others can pass but Francis didn't answer and gave her a cold shoulder.

What a despicable man he is! AAHHHH! She said in her mind... Until Jamie's phone rang and it was Diane who calling her. Asking for the result of her LOA. "Hello!" She said...

Yeah! It's been approved.." Nodding her head... Murmuring her answer for the others on the elevator couldn't hear what they were talking about... "I'm about to go home, can we talk about this at home?" I said to her...

"I'm at the elevator now." And Diane got the hint so she finishes the call, and said...

"Ok, I'm at your house now. I'll just wait for you inside I have my spare keys with me." She said...

"Alright! I'll be right there in a minute... Ok bye. Bye!"

As she was talking to whoever she was on the phone, I can't stop gazing at her reflection on the elevator, and there she was behind me... As I want to turn around to admire her but I don't want her to freak out... So I just controlled my eagerness on her...I want to know her details but I was doubting myself not now it's not the right time...

Soon! I said to myself...After the elevator opened she got out first but she glances at me... One last time, And there she is... She hops onto her car and goes home fast so fast...

Jamie didn't know that before she got out of the parking area, Francis memorizes her plate no. And called his friend Nate to investigate her. We will see each other again... 

He said smiling...

That smile he carries until he boarded the plane.  From the car until he settled on the plane Francis is still smiling because her face is tattooed in his mind, her scent is still on his nose, that woman catches his attention and he will let Nate investigate her for him.  

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