Chapter 14: A new day

Olivia POV

A new day came and I couldn’t say I was looking forward to it. Not only did I have to go to school but I would also have to see Marcus again.

A part of me was excited to see him again, but due to our last encounter, I was feeling nervous.

Lying here in my bed, I decided to take a moment to think about all that we said to each other. I was probably a little selfish, but I didn’t want to admit to him that he was right about me being jealous about Samantha.

But when he smirked like some pompous jerk, I lost it. I could still see how his eyes went wide when I throw Samantha’s name in his face and he tried to explain, but I just didn’t want to listen.

“Oh, dear goodness, was I wrong?” I whispered into the emptiness of my room.

A moment later, I saw my door open and James came in with a pot and a spoon slamming i

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Victoria Rekemeier
The grammatical errors and weird flow of sentences is so distracting. I like this story so I’m trying to push through and see how it unfolds but I can’t get immersed in it like I want to because of that.

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