Aloof Young Master's Bewitching Wife
Aloof Young Master's Bewitching Wife
Author: Shin Sungmi
The surprise [1]

First and foremost, this is a work of fiction, and no correlation should be made with living people or incidents. The author doesn't support any of the ideology or the relationship— friendship or romantic— being presented in this story. This was merely written for entertainment sake, not to be followed and used as an ideal. There are many things that are wrong in this novel morally, and therefore, don't let this novel influence you.

Min Sihyeon preferred to view life optimistically and deal with things enthusiastically. Countless number of times she has been scolded by her friends due to her reckless decisions at time.

Everytime she gave them the same response.

"What if I died tomorrow? Would not I be regretting how miserably I left?"

That response always came with a chuckle from her.

They were confused as to why would someone with as happy life as hers would be having such thoughts on death. Their view on how her life was completely happy was exaggerated.

Nevertheless, she did not try to change that opinion of theirs. It was not as if she was completely happy neither was she unhappy; she was simply satisfied to it.

As for the answer to their confusion, she was clueless to it. At one point, she wanted to stick out of those seven billion people out there with her unrelenting optimism and enthusiasm. However, gradually, this had become a habit for her.

Over all, Min Sihyeon was an average girl with a normal life who desired to stick out and wanted to print an unforgettable memory of herself into others' mind.

This was childish; she too was aware of that. However, she could not help but want that.

Regardless of how unrelenting she could be, at times, that enthusiasm and optimism had cracks in them. The situation right now could be one of those example.

Waking up to having a child calling her 'Mommy' was not something she had ever expected. Not only that, she was clueless as to how she had ended up on a hospital bed.

The moment she opened her eyes, she was greeted with the bright light, and scent of disinfectants wafted into her nostrils. The scent was not something she particularly disliked, but it was something she eventually got annoyed of.

"Mommy!" a childlike voice exclaimed.

Hearing that voice managed to successfully shock Min Sihyeon, and turning her head, she stared at her right side in confusion.

A little boy sat by her side, and he did not look a day older than five. The boy was well-groomed, and he appeared to be quite endearing to Min Sihyeon.

If it was not for the fact that she was completely puzzled by her situation, she would have paid more attention to the looks of the little kid.

The fact that she was at a hospital room and had a little boy calling her 'Mommy' was really peculiar. As far as she recalled, she had gotten into her bed after finishing her diary entry.

Could it be that something had happened to her when she was sleeping that she was brought into the hospital?

Even if that was to be the case, the room seemed to belong to the V.I.P section, and her miser of a father would most definitely not be wasting— that's what he considers it to be— on a V.I.P room.

"Mommy," the boy enunciated again— this time trying to be more careful.

Probably this was due to the affect of him calling her 'Mommy', but she found the kid resembling her. His eyes stood out to her the most; it was as if they were replicated off of her.

Nevertheless, she did not pay much attention to that. There were many people in this world with similar eyes as hers, and once, she had heard a funny thing on how most Koreans tend to look similar.

Pushing back all of the thoughts in the back of her mind, she questioned, "Little Kid, where are your parents? Do they know that you are wandering off randomly?"

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