Aloof Young Master's Bewitching Wife

Aloof Young Master's Bewitching Wife

By:  Shin Sungmi  Ongoing
Language: English
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When the optimistic Min Sihyeon wakes, she realizes that not only has she lost around ten years worth of memory but also that she was married to a stranger. On top of all that, she even had a son with that stranger!How absurd was the situation!That was too much even for a optimist like her!How was she supposed to be a mother of a five year old at nineteen although her current age was much more than that?Moreover, her supposed to be husband was too cold for her to figure out. Despite of saying that both of them were in love, she couldn't help but be suspicious.What were the secrets that were being hidden from her?

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good story and amazing work
2020-12-14 01:27:02
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story so far is amazing pls update new chapter
2020-12-10 22:53:11
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The blurb and the story line is interesting. Can't wait to read what happens next. Update soon ??
2020-09-04 21:09:14
127 Chapters
The surprise [1]
First and foremost, this is a work of fiction, and no correlation should be made with living people or incidents. The author doesn't support any of the ideology or the relationship— friendship or romantic— being presented in this story. This was merely written for entertainment sake, not to be followed and used as an ideal. There are many things that are wrong in this novel morally, and therefore, don't let this novel influence you.   Min Sihyeon preferred to view life optimistically and deal with things enthusiastically. Countless number of times she has been scolded by her friends due to her reckless decisions at time.   Everytime she gave them the same response.   "What if I died tomorrow? Would not I be regretting how miserably I left?"   That response always came with a chuckle from her.   They were confused as to why would someone with as happy life as hers would be having
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The surprise [2]
Min Sihyeon was not particularly good or bad with kids. She had her own sets of experience with the kids; none of them turned out to be exceptionally good or bad.  As for whether or not she preferred kids, it depended on how the kids were. As most, she was not fond of the troublesome and stubborn kids despite of how cute they appeared. Taking in the manners and behaviour of the kid before her, he appeared to be quite docile. Then again, not even five minutes had passed, and therefore, her judgement could be wrong. "What's wrong with you, Mommy? Why are you talking so weirdly?" the little kid questioned, "Are you feeling fine?" 'What? What's with calling me Mommy over and over again? Can't you see that I am merely nineteen years old? Do I even look like a mother of such a big kid in the first place?' The situation was something Sihyeon took to be quite exasperating, and takin
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Mom!? [1]
With the words that they have something to discuss on, the unknown man left the room with his son. Seeing the weird people— that's what Sihyeon claimed them to be in her mind— leave caused relief to spread within her. Such a situation gave rise to slight panic at her. Nevertheless, brushing back all of the pessimistic thoughts, she decided upon getting up from the bed to take a look outside. Min Sihyeon had never been to the V.I.P ward, resulting her in having limited clue on how to call the doctors at here. However, before she was able to move her leg slightly, a sharp pain went through it, and instantly, a wince escaped her mouth. Without wasting a second further, she removed the blanket off of her leg, and the view of her right leg being wrapped around a bandage came to her.. Maybe because of the sudden overwhelming situation, she had overlooked this. When she touc
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Mom!? [2]
Soon enough, the doctors came along with the man from earlier. After some tests had been done on her and asking her questions, everyone had left her alone in the room again. A sigh left her mouth. Min Sihyeon wondered where her friends and parents were, and whether or not they were worried about her. Although her parents could not be considered completely reliable, they tend to be overprotective at times.  It is strange that she had woken up for almost half of the day yet no one had come to visit her. Even if her social circle was not that large, she did have couple of normal friends. Her thoughts had grown, and no matter how many theories she made about this weird situation, she was not able to find a way out of it. Probably around three hours had passed before the door to the room was pushed open, and the man from earlier had walked into the room. The little kid from earli
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Obedient child [1]
When she was met with the sight of a small child the moment she opened her eyes, Sihyeon was surprised and moved slightly back. The pain that permeated through her body caused her to groan. "Fuck!" Upon realization that a small child was beside her, her eyes widened, and apologetically staring at him, she spoke out, "Just pretend that you didn't hear that, all right?" This was one of the things Sihyeon had seen from the adults around her when they cursed around children, and therefore, she replicated it. The memories of yesterday were starting to flow inside her mind, and she was well aware of how the boy beside her was her child.  In the presence of the five year old, she found herself being awkward and patted the back of her head. She didn't know how to act around him.  How do I treat him? Minjoon nodded.
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Obedient child [2]
A gasp escaped from her mouth as she stared at the large mansion in front of her. While her wheelchair was pushed by a maidservant, she took in the view of her surroundings and found herself being impressed. Besides the huge mansion was a beautiful garden, and seeing the amount of space occupied by his place, she wondered what else was present. Although she had guessed that he was rich, this was beyond her imagination. Such a scene was something she had only seen in dramas or documentaries. Never had she expected to visit one in real life. Moreover, this was her current home! How unbelievable was that! This was starting to make it more difficult for her to believe whether or not this was really her. The theory that she was in the alternative world seemed more plausible for her. How did someone like her without any spe
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His status [1]
After playing with the phone for a couple of hours, she was finally able to familiarize herself with the functions of the phone. As expected, the mobile phone in the future was better than the one she was used to.While she was entertaining herself by capturing her photos and giggling at the amusing filters, a sudden thought popped inside her mind. She decided to search for her husband on the web.If he was this rich, there were chances of his information being there— unless it was a norm to be this affluent in the future.Opening the web browser, she typed in his name with a smile on her face and searched for it. After a second of tapping on the screen, various details on him popped up on the screen.She read, "Youngest billionaire in the World. Chairman of LNC Group. One of the richest businessmen."Those details on his caused her eyes to widen, and she realized that she had totally struck gold with his man. This was something that only happened in the novels."Wow! Wow! Wow! I never
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His status [2]
The lights of the room were turned off, and the nurse carefully walked out of the room, trying to make as less noise as possible. Softly, the nurse closed the door behind her. Couple of seconds after the nurse had left, Sihyeon pushed the blanket away from her face and sat up, leaning against the bed.  A mischievous grin was visible on her face while she took out her phone from behind the pillow and opened the screen, revealing the contents of a game. "That was close," she mumbled. Few days over a week had passed since she was brought into this mansion by now, and ever since that day she was handed her smartphone by Yoon Jaemin, no one else had visited her. If it wasn't for the smartphone, she would have been too suffocated and bored to death. Although she was most likely forgotten by them, she enjoyed being left alone for now. The s
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Finally permitted [1]
 "Master Lee, is there anything else that I need to handle?" Yoon Jaemin questioned. Lee Hyunjin and Yoon Jaemin walked through the hallway of the first floor. In Jaemin's hand was a document while he walked beside Hyunjin. An impassive expression was present on Hyunjin's face while he shook his head. Following behind them was Han Minjae, and as he ran his hand through his hair, a casual look holding a hint of arrogance was on his face. "What about—" Before Jaemin was able to continue further, he was interrupted and taken aback by a loud noise. It caused three of their footsteps to halt. "WE GO UP! LIKE A HELICOPTER! TURN IT UP! IMMA LIGHT IT UP DYNAMITE! ICECREAM CHILLING, CHILLING, ICECREAM, CHILLING! IT'S THE LOVE SHOT! I SAID DON'T MESS UP MY TEMPO! OH MY GOD! SHE TOOK ME TO THE SKY!" The first one to react to it wa
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Finally permitted [2]
Wanting to move around the place by herself, Min Sihyeon dismissed the maid. Even though it was tough for her to control the wheelchair, she wanted to have a little amount of freedom. However, with the Maid barely being a metre away from her, she doubt that she was able to feel that. Being closely monitored like this wasn't her cup of tea, but it couldn't be helped. Her handicapped self was to be blamed. But only two more weeks, and then she would be able to do whatever she wanted. That's when, she will show them how someone like her couldn't be easily suppressed. There was no way her mother called her definition of trouble without a reason. The fresh of the flower floated into her rose, causing a smile to form on her face. Since her vocabulary when it came to flowers wasn't that updated, there were only that she was able to name. As she was about to move to
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