*warning, violent scene*

"What's taking her so long?" Jace whined impatiently, "The priest is getting impatient." He whispered to Ade who was by his side.

"You know how females are with delaying." His best friend shrugged, "She would be walking through that door soon."

Jace was about to turn to the priest when a loud scream was heard. It was obviously from Korina's room, the two men looked at each other before breaking into a run with the rest of the family following them.

"You are full of lies Russo." Korina screamed, "How dare you say so? How dare you even show your face here?"

"I have proof sweetheart." He said throwing an envelope towards her, "and I have a video." He smirked feeling proud that his dad had recorded Jace doing sick stuff.

"She died years ago." She said, "What ever you say now is false."

"Look in the envelope bitch!" H

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