One Night Stand

I want to make fun on Gerald. I don't have a stomachache. But I'm just tired, not in the mood to serve him right now. But I suddenly felt guilty after seeing him panic. I Always, acting stupid, that makes us both hurt.

"Pain? Why? Cramp?" Gerald asked in a panic.

I shook my head. "I don't know it's sick. Let me rest, you can go to college." I said in a weak voice, to be sure. But guilt keeps hitting me.

"I can't, I was worried something bad happen to you. Like last night." Gerald brushed his hair, and his face was terrified.

"It's okay, thereafter if I get sick or whatever, I'll just call. But you have to move quickly, okay?" I held my stomach.

"Yes, sorry for making you sick." Gerald said with a worried expression. He kissed my forehead for a long time, damn it!. Yet if our husband asks us to refuse, it will be a severe sin, how bad I'm. Mostly like me, who made him dizzy. I'm currently pregnant. I shouldn't be like this. I bit my lower lip, holding ba

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