Gerald, What Are You Hiding For?

My whole body was crushed. After the Telletubies hugs we're ended up being stripped naked.

"You're still the best." Gerald whispered. My body is too weak. So I just hugged my favorite bare chest and let our sweat melt away.

Wait a minute, and Gerald had no signs of going to campus.

"Aren't you going to campus?" I lifted my head and looked at Gerald, who closed his eyes; he was also exhausted.



"Why?" asked Gerald back. He's always annoying.

"Ewhh ... I was pay attention to you." I pinched his stomach—he's annoying humans!

"I'd rather have you attention caressed."

"You just caressed."


"Askjhsksjklss." I swear with all the harsh words that are only stored in my brain, I do not dare to speak out rather than ending up fighting, I better hold myself back.

"I don't under

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