Chapter 97

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable, I was wrapped in Stephen's arms, my back hurt like hell and the pain was becoming unbearable.  I slowly got out of Stephen's hold trying to not wake him, I walked to the bathroom as I felt an urge to pee, once I was done, I washed my hands coming back out.

I remember the doctor gave me a few pills that I could take during unbearable pain during pregnancy. I looked around the room looking for the pills, I found my medicines in the medicine box in our room. After searching for a few minutes I managed to find the pill, I quickly took one and gulped it with a glass of water hoping it would relieve the pain. I slowly went back to bed, it was still the same, but I managed to fall asleep after a few minutes of struggle.

I woke up again but this time I was feeling excruciating pain in my stomach, a whimper left my lips before I could stop it waking Stephen in the process. He woke up si

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Midnight Shines
The last chapter will be out tomorrow
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Does anybody know when a nee update will be available
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Victoria Krechting
awwwww a new Princess

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