I found a Clarke


My humanity kicked in and I checked on his breathing. He was alive. I could feel the mist of warm air in my fingers.

I tore up his already charred clothing to see how serious his injury was.

The pinkish wound stunk horribly and I wondered how long he had been there.

Two days at most.

I couldn't be of help to him now. He needed medical help.

Ria couldn't go past the shrubs so I had to take the injured man all by myself until I got to the open where I could place him on Ria and get help.

"Forgive me." I pleaded before grabbing his feet and dragging him out like he was dead.

His head hit a stump or two but the pain was worth it to save his life.

I finally got to the open. Ria whinnied seeing the new person I had brought along.

I drop the man to catch my breath and inspected his head for any minor injuries.

Thanks to me, he now had a bald patch and if he survived, 'He would really thank me for that'.

Ria nuzzled him.

Innocent animal, what did she know? Ria stopped seeing her moist tongue didn't help matters.

The handsome stranger just remained numb.

I got Ria to go down a bit and managed to saddle him in using all the strength I could gather. I joined, sinking into the saddle and we began our journey back to the ranch.

I had no idea what I

I was going to tell Ewan or my father.

Ewan had a satisfied look on his face when he saw me.

I knew he would have been worried sick about me.

God knows what went through his mind.

"You got me worried." He came closer to help me down when he saw the bundle behind me.

"What's that?" He demanded immediately.

His face deepened when he inspected the bundle.

"A human!"

Shock could not comprehend what his face gave away. Ewan wasn't the bravest and he tended to cower at anything that could possibly a threat to him.

I got off Ria without his assistance and managed not to knock the man off Ria's back while doing it.

There was a fifty percent chance I would not get the help I needed here.

"I found him in the prairie. I think he was injured by a wolf."

"There are no wolves in Linsea," Ewan argued, refusing to buy my explanation.

"You have to believe me, Ewan."

Ewan ran his hands through his thick dark long hair, it was a way for him to try thinking.

"Maisy, I don't know what to do... Couldn't you just leave him there?"

"Unbelievable!" I couldn't imagine Ewan just uttered that.

"Ewan! Leave a human for dead just to protect my secret, I couldn't."

Ewan became so tense, I could swear he was beginning to cry.

"I know Maisy but if Spencer finds out I allow you to go on joyrides, I could lose my job. You know how hard it is to survive having no one but yourself."

I was torn. I couldn't betray Ewan but neither could I let the man die. I made up my mind to take the fall.

I climbed back until Ria and told Ewan what I had in mind.

"I make up some like that would keep you out of trouble."

I proceeded to go then I heard Ewan thank me.

I made a basic turn by pulling the rein and Ria turned to face Ewan blowing hot air in his face.

"You're welcome, Ewan." I acknowledged.



  Maisy hadn't made it back home for breakfast and I suspected she has gone on one of her joyrides.

I considered why I hadn't told her that I knew.

I rocked my chair back and began to contemplate what punishment I would give to her when she returned.

Of course, I couldn't be too strict but I knew I had to maintain balance.

She had been free-spirited lately and I worried it would put her in trouble.

She was the only one I had left after Eva left me in this cruel world.

I took a sip of my palm wine to deaden the weakness I suddenly felt.

It was only going to take my problems for a little while but it was a habit I could not stop.

My quiet morning was quickly ruined by the sound of hooves beating against the earth.

As if that wasn't enough, the beast yelled, as if telling the world of its arrival.

I could guess that 'whinny' anyway.

It was Ria.

That could only mean that Maisy brought her along.

I was going to lose tomorrow's bet!

I scampered outside to confirm my suspicion and how right I was.

Maisy got off Ria and walked up to me.

My fatherly instinct were at war,

I didn't know whether to hug her for being safe o to scold her for bringing Ria.

Maybe both?

Before I could decide, Maisy went back to Ria and threw something quite heavy off her. The 'thing' rolled to the floor and I got a good look at it.

A human.

"What's all this?" I questioned my daughter.

"She ripped open a part of his clothing and exposed a stomach-churning wound that made me look away.

I would need my palm wine if I was ever going to look at it again.

"I found him while riding home. He needs help."

I walked towards the unconscious boy and examined him.

He was devilishly handsome even in his bad state. He reminded me of my glory days, It also reminded me what a threat such a face could cause to a girl.

"Where exactly did you see him?"

"On my way home," Maisy replied, avoiding my stare.

"Ok. Call the healer."

Maisy nodded and ran to get him.

I gave my attention back to the boy admiring his dressing.

His style implied he was from the site and I could tell he came from a wealthy family.

My mind went to the various means the boy could be of use to me. I was still deep in thought when I discovered the emblem engraved to his collar.

"Impossible!" I muttered.

The emblem was a printed picture depicting a wolf with bloodstains on its mouth.

That emblem could only belong to a "Clarke!

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