His eyes were starry


Those eyes were too mesmerizing to let go of.

All I wanted was to continue staring at his gorgeous blue eyes, silent talking until he said something.


Who the hell was that?

He advanced towards me and brushed a stray look away from my face.

What was happening?

A part of me enjoyed whatever he was doing but still, I had to modest. I took a step back and questioned him.

"What are you doing?"

My breathing was out of control. I felt like I had been running all day.

What effect did he have on me?

I had seen s lot of cute guys even butt naked ones and I hadn't had the slightest desire for more but there was something about his starry eyes.

For the space of time, we gaped at one another.

"You're real." He mumbled before crashing to the floor.

I rushed to him and checked on his pulse. It was really low.

He latched unto my hands again and I could hear him mumbling the words Tatia again and again.

"Dad couldn't catch me at such a compromising position." I breathed.

I removed his hands ignoring his pleas not to let him go.

Something had definitely happened to him. I didn't know what it was but I was dying to know.

Father walked in on us at the right moment.

"He was awake?"

I nodded affirmatively and departed from his presence to avoid his stares.

On my way to my room, I stole one last look at the stranger whom I had just shared an intense moment.

Father had him in his arms and was carrying him back to mother's room which was just right at the corner.

I didn't even know his name yet I could feel this connection with him. It felt so good that I didn't want to hold it back. I wanted to know him.

I got into my room, a creaking mess of dark wood. There was nothing special about it, just a pelt to snuggle in for the night and a satchel where I kept my clothes.

I settled in on the pelt and cast my eyes at the only source of light, My window.

The sun was beginning to set.

"Are you asleep?" I heard father's voice.

I turned to him and smiled,


"Ok. We need to have a talk." Father announced.

I sat up and listened to what he needed to say. I noticed he was a bit on edge and It got me worried.

"Are you alright?" I asked, concerned.

"Yes." Father chortled, "It's just about the boy."

"What about him?"

"Well, we can't keep him here. If he's from a royal family, they might be looking for him and I don't think we can continue caring for him."


"If it makes you happy, he can stay with the healer until he is well enough to leave." He chipped in.

Now I could sense what was going on.

"No Dad, I don't think you're worried about any of the things you just mentioned. You just don't want him near me."

My father exhaled relief.  He was so unbelievable. So that was really it.

"Do you really think I'll push myself on a complete stranger?" I clamored.

"That's not it Maisy, I'm afraid for you."

"Why? Just because he's kind of good looking and  had the eyes of an angel..." I immediately shut my mouth.

How could I have blurted all that out?

"I'm worried because I know what family he comes from."

"What the hell was he talking about?" I speculated.

"You know him, How?"

My father sighed.

"I always knew one day I'd have to tell you this but I guess today is the day."

Now it was getting interesting. I never knew my father knew so much about the outside world. He was the kind of person that loved to remain in his comfort zone.

"Your mom and I didn't use to reside here."

"What! I literally grew up here." I voiced.

"I'll tell you why." Father continued, "We had to flee Nodith because of his family."

"Why?" I inquired.

"Because your mother was betrothed to a Richard Clarke. Your mother didn't want him but he didn't take No for an answer. We got support from no one. Not even your grandfather—"

Father couldn't continue and he burst into tears. I hugged him. He had never revealed that part of our family history to me.

They had gone through so much to be happy. If he wanted me to stay clear of the boy, I would.

I just couldn't believe they could be so cruel, I guess bad reputations lived on.


The kingdom of Nodith


The tavern was the best place for me so late at night.

Useless drunks to force into a fight I was sure I would win and of course what was the place without women.

I could see tons around displaying their goodies for gold.

Money did make the world go round.

"So Conrad, Don't you feel guilty killing your stepbrother?" Lewis quizzed.

I drop my cup heavily on the table and turned to him.

He was too soft, too kind. No wonder his attraction lied somewhere else.

"Technically Lewis, I didn't kill him. I almost did but I didn't. Instead, I left him for dead." I replied.

I had a visual reimagination of beating Eric close to death.

It was the best day of my life.

"Top secret mission." I grimaced.

They thought they could get past me. I could imagine their faces now.

That throne would be mine and no one could stop me from ascending my birthright.

They threw me out like a dog, alienated me, Now, I'll show them what a threat I could be.

"But don't you feel guilty. I didn't help but I still feel like I had a role in his murder."

"Hush!" I snarled at him, my eyes feeling warmer and my claws retracting.

I controlled my wolf instantly using the breathing technique my mother had taught me. It worked and my claws disappeared just as they came.

"You have to shut up sometimes Lewis. You make my wolf angry."

"Sorry." Lewis apologized.

"Just get yourself a stable boy," I mumbled and took a last swing.

I turned to one of the dancers who had been making advances at me since I arrived.

I made a signal at her to come over and she came scurrying.

It was going to be a wild night.

My wolf needed release.

The prostitute took her place in my laps and mumbled in my ear,

"You're gonna have the best night of your life."

It made me giggle. They always said that but not with me. My prowess on the bed was unmatchable.  First nights were the only time I paid in gold. After this night, she would be the one begging for my body.

"Name your price," I commanded.

Just as she was about to tell me how many pouches of hold she needed, Someone pulled me by the collar.

"Where is he?" My assaulter demanded, making a fist.

"Brother." I chuckled and held down his fist.

Anthony pushed me away.

"Don't ever call me that!" He warned.

"Just tell me where Eric is!" He demanded.

So they were beginning to suspect all was not well. Good.

"How do expect me to know brother?" I teased.

Regular dwellers and Dru formed a circle around us wondering why the king's bastard son and the one who rejected the throne were fighting.

"Last time I heard anything about him, I learned he was on a top-secret mission."

Anthony lost it and gave me a blow right in the mouth that sent me reeling.

My jaw felt dislodged and I tasted blood.

I wouldn't let him enjoy what he did.

"Maybe Eric has gotten to know how cursed his family is and left for good, Maybe he's dead. We may never know."

Anthony threw another fist but this time I caught it. My eyes felt warmer as I used every strength in me to crush the bones in his fist.

He wailed.

Weak and pathetic!

I let his hand go and he went spiraling to the floor jerking like a worm that had been salted.

My fellow jerks in the house mocked my half brother who was in pain.

"It sucks not being as strong as the rest of us." I drawled.

He didn't answer me. He just stared at me with hate.

Typical Anthony.

"Face it, Anthony, The throne was meant for me.  I suggest you give it to me before the kingdom crumbles considering the economic state you put in." I concluded.

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