Baby Boy Kent Hale

From inside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel's grand ballroom, many guests, dressed in formal attire, could be seen walking in the direction of the Hale Industries' anniversary party.

Several cocktail tables were spread across the hall, allowing the employees to group into their own familiar party. All of them were enjoying a glass of wine and several canapes as they engaged in joyous conversations. 

Olivia and Christopher were mingling with the other executives in the front-most part of the venue, exchanging pleasantries with one another. 

Everyone was especially giving their best wishes to Olivia since she was already on her 37th week of pregnancy. 

"I'm sure, your mother is very excited," remarked one of Christopher's directors. 

"Yes, very much," said Christopher before putting a hand behind Olivia's back. He leaned over and whispered, "Are you okay, darling?"

Dressed in a long royal-blue maternity gown, Olivia smiled at her hu

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Sonia Aka Debs
Hahaha wow poor Chris

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