Crime Scene

She saw so many people inside the club. Some were dancing on the dance floor, some were sitting in bar and some were enjoying their drinks while some were enjoying there own company and some playing cards. For her, all this was new. Lilianah's mind was unable to process until Ashleena drag her to the dance floor.

Lilianah instantly denied her offer...

"Me or dance never. I am not going to dance with such crazy people. I am going out right now.".... but she was stopped by Emily and Ashleena, both were pleading her by making puppy eyes "please sweetie" and that was it Lilianah surrendered...

Sigh..."Okay but you guys can go and enjoy I'll just sit over there while watching you both. Okay?"...

"Okay" saying this they both hit the dance floor while Lilianah silently sit on an empty chair and ordered apple juice for her. 

She was enjoying her juice when a sudden blonde hair came sit next to her and offered her for a dance..

"Hey beautiful! wanna dance with me?".... Lilianah became nervous and turned down his offer by saying making an excuse

"sorry I've to go my friends are waiting. " ..

Without waiting for his reply she found Emily and Ashleena and drag them out of the club...

"Lilianah what are you doing why are you dragging us?" Ashleena shouted . 

"That's enough girls now we are going back to home its getting late. Mom will be worried." Lilianah said while showing them her wrist watch...

Emily joined her and said "I think Lilianah is right we should go back." ... At last Ashleena agreed and they bid farewell to each other.

Lilianah was driving her car when suddenly car engines stopped working....

"Ahhh...I should have bring my driver with me... hell... I don't have my phone with me, and there is no sign of phonebooth nor a single cab or car. I guess now I've to walk back to home."  she let out an exhausted sigh and start walking in that dark alley.

When she was passing through a street she heard a girls scream. As the saying goes *curiosity killed the cat*...

Lilianah became curious and walk towards the street and what she saw there make her go weak.

Her breath stopped. With both of her hands she covered her mouth to stop herself from making any noise. Tears were rolling down her eyes and she was unable to move from her place. As the alley was dark and there were few houses which were far so she can't call anyone for help.

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Nightmare maybe ?

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