Loved by The Mafia King
Loved by The Mafia King
Author: _urvashi

1 # God's cruelty

They stopped a sports car in the parking area of the temple. A girl stepped down from the car hurriedly, she asked, "Are you getting with me, Bhai?" 

Abeer shook his head negatively and parked the car. He received a call from someone, he came out of the car. He walks towards the temple while talking.

Suddenly a sweet sound of Aarti, singing by a girl, attracted him towards the temple. He hung up the call and followed the waves of sound. He reached inside the temple.

A pretty girl is singing Lord Krishna's Aarti. A gasp escaped from his mouth, "Wowww, such a sweet and melodious voice"

"Just like Nightingale."

"Damn pretty."

"From my first gaze on you, you are mine nightingale, you will not sing further for anyone."

His eyes are tucked at her body curves. She is looking like a goddess in white-coloured top and leggings, with a white scarf, like a dove, completely dressed in white. Her brown-black long hairs are looking attractive on her white face and talking with the air.

Till the completion of Aarti, he looked at her and clicked hundreds of her photos in his phone. He went back to the stairs of the temple because he was waiting for her.

He was lost in his thoughts of that girl. He doesn't notice someone's presence behind him.

"Keya, stop here and wait for me, don't go anywhere. I will come back, I'm going to give some money to beggars." The old lady said to Keya.

"Ji, Maa (Mother)," Keya replied with a smile.

All of sudden, the air blue and took her scarf in the air, she felt that her scarf was moving from her neck, she tried to catch it back, but she directly fell on Abeer. Abeer's face was covered with her scarf. He was removing scarf and suddenly she fell. So his strong body didn't handle both of them and they both fell down on the floor.

He couldn't see who fell on him and how, but his devil awakes, he barked angrily, "Can't you see while walking? Idiot." 

He pushed her on the floor and got up fast. She is smiling with a giggle sound and tried to get up with the help of the stairs beside her and said, " I CAN'T SEE, IT IS THE BIG PROBLEM." 

Abeer stucked hearing her, his heart skipped a beat. 

"Keyaaa." The lady ran to her and helped her to stand up. 

"Are you okay, baby?" She asked worriedly and started checking her wounds if she hurt somewhere.

"Maa... Maa... I'm fine." Keya is trying to console her.

"I should not leave you alone here, let's go." Her Maa said and helped her to step down the further stairs. 

"Maa, my scarf..." 

"Leave it, I will buy a new one for you." Her Maa said and she left in the Ferrari car.

Abeer was continuously looking at her. She fell down, still, she was smiling. He thought that he is the cruellest man, but Today he proved wrong, God is so cruel, that he snatched her eyes.

He sat in the car and hid the scarf inside. He is checking her photos on the phone and her sister knocked, "Open the door."

He opened and she sat in the car. He wanted to ask his sister, Ms Akshita Raichand, but he stopped himself and decided to search for her.

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