Chapter 4

“Six minutes remaining. Clear this venue. Since you’re just offended, don’t even think about charging the fee!”

Fane stared coldly at the remaining people.

Although they were tough as well, they were nothing compared to Black Dragon. None of them dared to look Fane in the eye.

“Everyone, leave immediately or else!”

They started shouting immediately. The other customers were obviously terrified from before and ran away like their lives depended on it.

They could not see how Black Dragon had died. It was as though something supernatural occurred.

In less than a minute, the entire bathhouse was empty!

A beautiful female server walked out meekly after being signaled by the bouncers and asked in a worried tone, “Sir, t-t-the place is empty. How can we serve you?”

“Go get a set of branded clothing and a sumptuous meal for my daughter. If not, don’t even think of leaving here alive!”

Fane carried Kylie inside, causing the server and bouncers to have the color drain from their faces.

“Of course, sir. We’ll get to it immediately!”

The beautiful female server recovered from her daze and bowed deeply toward Fane’s back!

Fane brought Kylie into the bath and took the old dirty clothes off her. The corner of his mouth twitched.

Kylie was scared. There were some scars on her supple skin.

“Kylie, did daddy scare you earlier?”

Fane smiled lovingly at Kylie as a tear almost escaped his eye.

“Daddy, you’re amazing but also terrifying!” Kylie pursed her lips, then finally peeped carefully.


Fane was stunned. Kylie was only four years old. That was an age where they were most innocent, yet he took action right in front of her and had even killed a person.

To him, killing a single person was no different from eating or drinking.

However, to Kylie, that was…

“Alright. Kylie, from now on, daddy won’t be so terrifying. However, those were bad people and they deserve to be punished!”

Fane carefully helped Kylie wash up. “From now on, I’ll have you and your mother live comfortably. Kylie can have a comfortable life just like other kids!”

The little girl seemed confused.

Beside them, Shauna smiled. “Master, would you like to give Miss Selena a call? If she knows that you’re back, she’ll definitely be delighted!”

“No need. We’ll head over soon!”

Fane calmly stated, “Shauna, from now on you’ll continue taking care of Selena and Kylie. Don’t worry, I won’t skimp on your salary!”

“Oh right, I’ve heard that the retired soldiers are given a decent pension. The lowest is rumored to be around 10 to 20 thousand bucks. Master, how much do you get?”

Shauna quickly thought of something, then laughed. “I’m very close to Miss Selena. It’s for the best that I can take care of Miss Selena. As for the salary, it’s fine as long as I have enough to survive!”

“Hehe, it’s sufficient!”

Fane laughed it off. To him, money was nothing. He could replace the richest person in Middle Province with just a phone call if he so wished.

Shauna contemplated for a moment, then spoke again. “Oh yeah, Master Fane, Kylie’s surname is Taylor. It can’t be helped. Your in-laws were mindful of your previous status and thought you didn’t make it…”

“Oh…” Fane responded, then said, “It’s okay. She’s the daughter of Selena and I!”

Very quickly, the pretty server brought over some delicious foods and a beautiful princess-styled dress. Placing them to one side, she then carefully retreated out of the room.


After her bath, Kylie silently swallowed hard, feeling famished.

Fane lovingly touched Kylie’s face as he watched her wolf her food down, saying, “Silly little girl. Eat slowly! After you’re done, we’ll go see your mommy!”

After Kylie finished her meal, she grabbed the two slices of leftover cake with her hands.

“Daddy, I… I wanna bring this back for mommy and grandma!”

She looked at Fane, then asked in a worried tone, “Can I?”

Fane was speechless. It would seem that his earlier fights had indeed scared Kylie and made her afraid of him.

“Of course! As long as you’re happy!”

Carrying Kylie in his arms, Fane was ready to leave with Shauna.

However, before they even reached the door, an Audi stopped right outside and a bald man got out of it.

The bald man had a scary face with a long scar over it. His eyes were sharp.

One of the servers could not resist snickering. “Excellent. The Clark family’s number one fighter is here. Hahaha, that kid is screwed!”

“That’s right. Master Clark was furious after receiving the phone call and had Dan Jameson come over to turn that kid into a cripple.”

The other guard snickered and watched from the sidelines, hoping for a good show.

“Where’s he?”

Dan walked over to Fane after asking around.

“Kid, you’re quite the man, having managed to kill Black Dragon!”

“However, it won’t end well for you today!” Dan said in a deep voice, his eyes narrowed.

“If I want you dead, you won’t survive for more than three seconds!”

Fane looked at his opponent, then at Kylie in his arms. “However, my daughter is here. I don’t want to scare her. Why don’t we have an arm-wrestling match?!”


Dan was caught off-guard. “Do you think I’m here to play with you?”

“Hehe, of course it’s not to play around. You just said that your master wants to cripple me, didn’t you?”

“What about this. If you win, I'll voluntarily cripple my limbs!”

“If you lose, I’ll just need you to cut off one finger!”

Fane bellowed in laughter. After experiencing so much killing, he could tell with a look that this person was a ruthless one.


Dan smiled, then walked up to a table. “Kid, get over here. Since you like to play this, I’ll play with you!”

“Shauna, hold Kylie for me!”

Fane then passed Kylie to Shauna.

Very quickly, both their hands clasped together.

“Begin!” announced one of the guards.

“This kid dares to arm wrestle with Dan? Doesn’t he know how strong Dan is?”

“That’s right. Dan can potentially kill a cow with one punch!”

A few buff guys were watching the show with their hands crossed in front of their chests.

If Fane lost and tried to deny the results, Dan would teach him a lesson on regret.


Dan poured in all his strength, just to realize that Fane’s arm had not moved an inch.


He gasped a mouthful of air. The next instant, Fane snickered and Dan lost the match.

“I believe you won’t deny the result. One finger. As for which one you choose, I’ll let you decide!”

Fane then took Kylie back in his arms and left the scene.

“Who’s that guy? His strength is amazing!” Dan finally said with disbelief after Fane was long gone.

“Brother Dan, you’re not really cutting a finger, are you?” asked a person as he walked up to the bald guy. He swallowed hard while looking at the empty gate.
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