Chapter 2885

Albert's words exposed Edgar's motives, leaving the man completely furious.

At this point, asking Fane more questions would be too obvious, and anyone would be on alert after that. Thus, Edgar could not proceed as he planned.

The desire to rip Albert to shreds thickened as he panted furiously, pointing at Albert. "Only petty men think everyone's a thief. I never thought about that at all! I just wanted to have a chat with Fane. Where did you hear that I'm trying to look into things?"

Albert raised an eyebrow, answering earnestly, "You were constantly asking where Fane's from. Didn't you just say that he should just tell you where he's from since things were already at that point?

"Isn't that just you revealing your intentions? You don't know him at all, yet you tried to be so nice to him. With your temperament, there's no way you'd act like that without a goal!"

Those words deflated Edgar. He looked at Albert hatefully as he gritted his teeth angrily. However, there was nothing he
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