The Strongest God of War

The Strongest God of War

By:  Zila Aicha  Updated just now
Language: English
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William Mackenzie married Cassandra Wood, a beautiful young woman from a notable family. But he was seen as a useless son-in-law in Wood Family. Because of his job as a shop keeper, he was treated like a trash in his wife's family. He even served the Woods without any complaint. However, 3 years passed, there was a man came to him. "General, we need your power. Would you come back to the Kingdom?"

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Daryl Green
Great read
2024-01-12 09:07:04
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Zila Aicha
Halo, Readers. I am sorry I can't publish a new chapter for today. I am not in a good condition. But, I will update this book as soon as possible. Thanks for waiting patiently. ^.^
2024-01-07 20:12:21
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Zila Aicha
Hello, good readers. Thank you for reading this novel. I have just revised chapters 1-10, hopefully it will be easier to read and there will be no grammatical errors after this. ^.^
2023-12-21 06:29:31
user avatar
Zila Aicha
Hello, readers. What do you think about this book? I hope that you like reading this book. Tomorrow, I will publish Chapter 100. Don't forget to give comments, votes and reviews. Thanks in a bunch ^_^
2023-11-29 12:20:36
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Nice story line. love how they author potrayed the war. it seems like real, even I feel like I am ini the Battlefield. please, keep writing. I am still waiting for the next chapter
2023-11-29 06:07:07
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Zila Aicha
Hi, good readers. This is my 11th book on Goodnovel. Please give a chance for this book. I am sure you will like it. Thank you. ^_^
2023-11-04 10:20:32
user avatar
i enjoy this book. please update more chapter
2023-11-26 10:55:03
163 Chapters
1. Let's Get Divorced
The Wood family was currently gathered together in their living room after the engagement ceremony between Shirley Wood, the youngest of the Wood family and Peter Green, the son of the gold mine owner at Carlo Hill. Cassandra Wood who was the older sister of Shirley, was sitting on the edge and didn't seem to like being there. Several times she saw her husband being a servant to her family. She was upset. Very upset. How could she not? Her husband had no authority whatsoever and was often the target of her family. She really wanted to see her husband fight back, at least once. But, in fact, until they had been married for almost three years, Bill was still the same. Still becoming a useless son-in-law to her family. "Hurry up and fill this glass, Bill!" Shirley ordered her brother-in-law. Bill calmly picked up the bottle of red wine and opened it quickly and refilled Shirley's glass. He then stood next to the old man who was Cassandra's grandfather, Christopher Wood who had a po
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2. Being Forced
It was clearly seen that Bill was very angry. A shocked Christopher immediately asked, "Why are you yelling at Peter, Bill?" Bill pointed at Peter with his index finger with uncontrollable anger. "He's-" "What are you doing? Why are you pointing at Peter like that?" Shirley said, already approaching her future husband, visibly annoyed by her brother-in-law's behavior. "He said he wanted to get close to Cassandra," Bill said with an angry growl. Shirley was wide-eyed and immediately raised her hand, intending to slap Bill. But swiftly, Bill managed to brush it off. "How dare you make such a dirty accusation. He's not as low as you are, Bill!" Shirley said with great annoyance. "He said it himself. He-" "Enough, Bill!" shouted Christopher, looking furious. Bill let out a long breath. His chest was heaving, indicating he was furious. Peter said, "What do you mean by that? I'm just saying your wife is beautiful. Is that wrong?" He turned to Chistopher, "Mr. Wood, I was just bei
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3. Who Are You?
Bill sat in front of Emma's fruit stall until morning. The stall owner was quite surprised to see Bill there in the same clothes. However, she didn't ask any questions because she saw Bill's somewhat rumpled expression. As Bill was cleaning up the fruit scattered on the floor, a fruit buyer who had been there since before Bill arrived approached him. Bill turned to him with an astonished look. "Yes, Sir. How can I help you?" "Yes, General." Bill's pupils suddenly dilated at the call. Why was this man calling him 'General'? Did he recognize him? But how could he? Bill quickly put down the fruit basket and looked at the neatly dressed young man with a probing look. "Who are you? Why are you calling me 'General'?" The young man, who Bill guessed was much younger than him, said, "It's me, General. Your subordinate. Andrew." Bill squinted, trying to remember. Only a few people knew his real face. Was it perhaps someone he knew? But, it doesn't feel like his face is what it look
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4. Kill Me!
Then, after knowing about the news he should think how to stop his grandfather-in-law. In the evening, when he had just locked Emma's fruit stall, he was suddenly approached by a number of large men who Bill guessed were common thugs. "I'm tired, don't bother me now!" Bill said with a face that looked so tired. A thug who appeared to be their leader came forward carrying a barbell. Bill scowled, "What are you going to do with that?" "You're the one who broke Baron's arm yesterday, right?" The thug asked with the fierce look. Bill frowned and suddenly remembered a thug who had come to Emma's stall and intended to disrupt it. "Ah, I didn't know that I broke it." "Hit him!" the leader ordered with anger. Bill casually engaged the men without expending much energy. He managed to land several punches on target. However, Bill was caught off guard by his cell phone which suddenly vibrated. The leader took advantage of Bill's unpreparedness and hit him rather hard in the stomach. "Fe
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5. The Attack
Bill walked into the Woods' house in confusion. He wanted to help his wife but he still didn't know what to do. In the midst of his confusion, Andrew Reece, who was his trusted man, came back. "No, General!" Andrew said. "My wife is inside. I have to help her." "General, how about we make a deal?" Andrew asked. Bill frowned, "What deal?" "If you are willing to come back, we will help you, General." Bill exhaled harshly, realizing that nothing in this world is free. Very reluctantly, Bill said, "Alright, I'll be back." Andrew smiled happily. Andrew then took an action to help Bill. "Good morning, General!" Andrew greeted on the day of Bill's return. "How are you today, General?" the young man asked with a bright smile."No need for pleasantries. Get on with it, Reece." Andrew even smiled nervously from too much excitement, "Yes, General." "But before that, I'll have a word with King Keannu first." "Yes, General. He will be happy to see you." "I'll take my leave," Bill sai
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6. This Is an Order
"Your Majesty," Bill said suddenly. He bowed before his king, paying his respects. "It is my pleasure to have the honor of meeting the leader of this country." King Keannu frowned, somewhat confused. But when he saw Bill's expression as if he was throwing a code at him, the king understood. "Your Majesty, he is-" "General Gardner, there's no need to prolong this," Keannu said in firmly. "But, Your Majesty. This man-" "He's my guest, General. He is under my supervision. Do you understand now?" Keannu asked. Jody was about to say something else but suddenly the king said, "I would like to speak with my guest for a moment, General." Obviously an order telling Jody to stay away from there, the man understood quickly. Although, curiosity got the better of him, Jody chose to retreat. "Yes, Your Majesty," Jody excused himself. The man bowed and left the building followed by his loyal men. As soon as the doors of the Silver building were closed, Keannu immediately turned to Bill and
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7. Let's Fight!
"Shut up, Harry!" Andrew snapped, already filled with the anger that was rapidly coursing through his veins after hearing the derogatory remarks that his two colleagues had hurled at the great general he respected so much. He simply could not accept it. Harry looked up in surprise, "Why are you angry? Isn't the one you brought a beggar? Look at the clothes he's wearing! The taxi driver's clothes outside are better than his." "Stop it! Don't ever dare to say like that!" Andrew said, pointing at Harry with his index finger. "Have you forgotten who I am?" Harry retorted, now glaring fiercely at Andrew. "Let's fight!" Andrew said irritably. "This isn't necessary," Bill said and he strangely didn't feel offended by the two men's remarks. This was probably because he was so used to being insulted and abused by people, that he just took it as an afterthought. "They have the nerve to insult you, Gen-" "Andrew Reece!" Bill cut it. Andrew realized he was about to make a big mistake.
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8. A War Advisor
"General Gardner, did you just question my decision?" Keannu asked, looking offended. Jody Gardner clearly didn't like it but he tried to restrain himself, "No, Your Majesty. Mercy, Your Majesty. I just want an explanation. I thought I was doing my best. But, you turned out to be-" "Calm down, General. It's not that I don't appreciate your efforts and struggles. Quite the contrary, in order to make your task easier, I am providing you with a War Advisor." Keannu turned to Bill who nodded. Jody was even more annoyed, obviously Keannu's words were a lie. The viceroy must have doubted his abilities to appoint an unknown person as his advisor. How annoying. "But I've never heard the name 'Bill Stewart', Your Majesty," Gardner said. Keannu immediately said, "Of course you've never heard of him. He is not from this part of Europe. He's from far away." Bill frowned. Andrew said quietly, "King Keannu looks unbelievable." "He never lies," Bill said. Indeed, when it came to selfishness,
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9. The Historian
Jody Gardner who was wearing his fur coat turned around, looking at Anthony with a puzzled look on his face. "Why are you asking about the defeat penalty?" Jody asked. Anthony moistened his lower lip, looking even more nervous. "Are you saying now that you don't think I'll win? Does your war strategy suck?" Jody asked with a sharp gaze that made Anthony move backwards in fear. "N-no, General. It's not like that, I'm just curious." Jody gave him a probing look before finally answering, "Ah, I see. Death penalty, of course." Anthony was dumbfounded, more like he was too shocked. "Death penalty?" "Yes. Why? Are you scared?" Jody asked. Anthony didn't answer but the expression on his face should have told Jody that he was scared to death. Anthony even thought that maybe his skin colour had turned completely white. "Ah, you shouldn't be afraid." Anthony was still silent, still too shocked. Jody added, "If we win, you will get a huge reward, apart from living in the palace and
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10. Are You Jealous?
Bill did not have time to answer because the king suddenly had guests and was forced to end his meeting with Bill. Bill also had to feel the failure of defending someone. Anthony, who was a historian, was eventually executed with three shots fired at him. The shots hit his vital organs and brought him to death. Two days after the incident, Bill was officially appointed as a War Advisor in the Kingdom of Ans De Lou and began moving to the Gold building to live with Jody Gardner. "You know, Stewart. You got that position after taking the lives of thousands of people, are you happy about that?" Jody Gardner said when Bill first set foot in the building. Bill smiled, "General, I was just following King Keannu's orders." "Oh yeah? Do you think I believe in you?" Jody replied, glaring at Bill. The man obviously couldn't accept Bill willingly. He was only forced to accept Bill on the king's orders. He had already lost, however he didn't want his title revoked so he had to endure despi
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