Chapter 7

"Now that I have told you all I can tell you for now, you need to get yourself sorted for tomorrow," Iris said, standing and washing her cup before placing it on the sink.

"What's tomorrow?" Rex asked, not hiding a little excitement just in case it was something to do with the news he had just heard.

"School of course dummy" she laughed. 

What a letdown that was, Rex thought to himself, he had let his imagination run wild and had forgotten that tomorrow was still Monday, which meant he was back to school.

Back to another week of torture, he sighed, for that was what awaited him each day he went to school.

Just like at home it seemed that Rex had the same routine at school, every day he had his classes, lunch by himself, more boring classes, then home, a little homework, and then video games until dinner, and then it was a shower and a little sleep.

So, when Monday came around, true enough, his routine kicked in, he had breakfast, got ready, and rode his bike to school, but instead of Dean waiting for him where he usually dropped his bike off to give him his daily morning dish of what Dean called "lessons in learning your place," no one was there to greet him today.

"Well that's odd," Rex said stowing his bicycle in his usual spot away from everyone else, ‘Maybe he is waiting for me inside’ he pondered, Dean never missed a day to target Rex.

Walking up the stairs and in through the main door, he half expected Dean to jump out and grab him, but once again, he was not there, 'something is going on here,' he thought with a suspicious frown. 

Walking to his locker he noticed everything else was the same, people would see him come and start to whisper amongst themselves as usual, except this time people moved away from him, acting like he had a disease.

Once at his locker, he started stowing his things when he asked the only person he knew would talk to him, Calvin, one of the school geeks who also received daily bullying.

"Calvin, people are weirder than usual today, what's going on?" Rex whispered, still seeing people staring and talking amongst themselves.

"There is a rumor going around that you went completely psycho at Dean and his friends at the river, something about your grandmother using voodoo or something to help you, that part is mere speculation, seeing as science doesn't support 'magic and voodoo'" said Calvin, pushing his glasses up his nose before getting his books and leaving.

Great, not only because of my parents but now this, at least people were only talking, which he could ignore, no one seemed to want to come near him.

So his week continued quite strangely to usual, people just stared and whispered, and no one tried to say anything or beat him up, so he just went to his classes, sat by himself at the back, ate lunch down by the fence under the same tree, finished his end of day classes and went home.

'Thank god it's Friday' Rex thought, getting dressed for school on his last day, he was actually quite happy, for a whole week he didn't have to repair ripped off buttons, torn sleeves or scrub one single grass or dirt stain off from getting pushed onto the ground, "I could get used to this" Rex grinned.

Once again, arrived at the bike racks, and stowed his bike, no "welcome to school" greeting again from Dean, just like the rest of the week, he walked into school, the same thing as every other day, just everyone whispering and staring. 

Everything went as normal through the first sets of classes, he grabbed his lunch and sat down on his bench under the tree near the fence, ‘this actually isn’t that bad being left alone for once’ he thought, would make the last few months of school bearable, whispers and stares were easy for him to ignore.

"Hello" came a voice from nowhere bringing Rex back from his thoughts.

"Oh shit! I know you wouldn’t let me go for a whole week!" he said, jumping up and whipping his head around expecting someone to jump on him behind.

When his eyes saw who had spoken to him, his mouth dropped open.

"Would you mind if I sat here? It's my first day and I find big groups of people intimidating."

The voice came from the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. "Umm...yeah...sure..." he stammered, rubbing his eyes to make sure he hadn't fallen asleep and this was a dream, when he realized it wasn't, he looked around to make sure this wasn't a setup from any of his usual bullies.

"I'm Vanessa," she said, holding her hand out and smiling, no one had ever asked to sit with him, let alone a girl! To Rex, this was a girl who looked like she had fallen from the heavens!

"I'm Rex," he said nervously, wiping the sweat from his hands before shaking her outstretched hand, Vanessa had made him extremely nervous with this surprise meeting.

"Nice to meet you," she said.

‘What a smile’ Rex thought, she could light up a dark room with that, glancing over at her he also thought she had perfect skin, beautiful brown curly hair that just touched the top of her shoulders, and incredible blue eyes.

"Are you going to eat or just stare at it?" Vanessa said chuckling at Rex's reaction.

"Of course, of course" he replied, taking a quick bite from the corner of his sandwich.

‘Wow has my life taken one hell of a change’ Rex said to himself, this can't be real, first, the bullying had ceased, and now a gorgeous girl wanted to sit next to him.

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