Hey guys,

I want to appreciate everyone who reads this book. It means a lot to me. 

Sooooo, I know some of you might not be happy with the end, but I want you to know it's just a story. And wait, remain calm! There's going to be book two. This is more like a prequel, an introduction to their love story. 

Book two is titled: Chasing her. 

It'll be out soon. Yes. Soon. 

You don't wanna miss book two, do you? 🤔

How do you think it'll go when Renee finds out about this? This would be a second heartbreak, right? Or wait, how'll she find out? Roy's a great pretender, you know? And yeah, if Roy could betray her, don't you think there could be more craziness in this story? 

That's enough of a spoiler, right?

Thanks to God for making this book complete, and thanks to everyone who read and supported this! You really encouraged me to write it. 

This is my fourth book on Goodnovel, and if you haven't checked my other books out, you can if you don't mind. They are:


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And soon, Chasing her. 

PS, I'm thinking of writing a free book between. If you'll support it, I'll go for it. 

Title: Billionaires

I appreciate you reading, and see you in the next book. And please, please, please, don't forget to drop a review/comment. I'll appreciate it also! 

Thanks again!❤️

Let's continue this journey in the next book…



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