Chapter 8: I Blinked

~KIERA, at present~

It stopped... That mucus that almost attacked me, stopped!

And it stopped just a half-inch away from my poor beautiful face! 

Argh! I could see how gooey and big it is! It's almost the same size as me! Is this what it feels like when you get to see your close up booger mucus?

Though cervical mucus is much clearer than the booger, the thought of it being a mucus still bother me!

Fortunately, it stopped and didn't attack me. How disgusting it would be?

The sperm behind me who was the reason for this event was also stunned to see what's happening. That sperm slowly come out from behind me however, the mucus wiggles once more in front of us and it scares that sperm which hid in my back once again.

That sperm is like a leech, sticking to me, and rather than zapping my blood, this sperm made me a shield! 

The mucus stops wiggling and directly stares at me. Though I'm not sure if it's staring at me since we both don't have eyes, I was just guessing as it stays in front of me.

A few seconds later it backs away and left.

I was stunned. Why it didn't attack me?

But I'm not the only one who was shocked to see that scene.

Even the 'shiny hero' sperm I was with, the two sperms who I don't know when it was freed but both are beside me with the shiny sperm and the leech sperm that caused this.

I looked down where were the two sperms came from, the mucus that traps them was... gone...

Okay, what the heck is going on?


Welp, not my problem.

I started to swim leaving the rest, though after being shocked like that, they followed me and I waited for them as I slowly swim in this wet and stretchy place.

To be honest, we could swim faster here than in the first round. Sperm swim better in a wet and stretchy place. 

The reason why it was hard to survive in round one was because of the acidity level of that vaginal environment. Sperms may be alkaline but that doesn't mean we are strong enough to past that.

Unlike in round two, the mucus traps are the only ones we have to worry about. But the environment here is much peaceful and nice than the first. 

If ever a sperm was outside the human body, they will most likely die as they can't survive in air and water. Just like what happens to my tail in the beginning.

As we swam by, we noticed that the mucus from below and beside us wasn't attacking us. 

I don't wanna boast but is it because of me? Hehe, I bet it's my beauty.

I smirked knowing no one would see nor know that.

Since no mucus would attack us, then we can even rest for a while.

However, I know we can't do that. Because this place isn't the only enemies we have... It is also time...

The time until when we can survive as sperm...

And the time that clicking from above us that I recently noticed.

[Round Cooldown: 00:37:12]

We swam faster this time as we were scared to be left behind and got stuck here ever.

But I'm more scared to be the last one again! Not with this group! 

Yes, we swim in a group now after what we've been through...

Nah, that was certainly a lie. We are just using each other. I'm scared to be left behind and die alone... And they were using me to cover them from the mucus in this round.

As we swim, another announcement was heard...

"Sperm #35, Arlo, successfully finished round three for just 5 hours and 2 seconds! Achievement: Fastest Swimmer!" said the system.

And the system continuous, "The egg cell is preparing..."

"Announcement! The egg is on the way to the fallopian tube! Every sperm only has 24 hours left to reach the egg!"

We were stunned. Instead of a three to four days race, it became less than two days race! 

The egg can only survive for a whole day once a month. Unlike sperm who can survive a few days after being created!

Since there was one sperm already on the way to the fallopian tube where the sperms will meet soon, the egg has no choice but to go too! Though the egg has been prepared at a certain time this is early! 

Why did the egg must adjust?! Shouldn't it be us, sperm?! Is this part of the race too? 

And now we have a few hours left to swim to get there! This is crazy! We aren't that fast no matter how fast we want to! 

We can't even see the end of this round yet!

While complaining in my mind, the leech sperm who hid behind my back pushed me forward. And that awakens me to swim faster!

But we aren't the only ones! A swarm of sperms swims faster this time but most of them got trapped!

We don't have time to mind them hence, we only did our best to swim faster while making sure the whole 'team' swims together!



[PLAYERS: 45/45]


~KIERA, at 15 years old when she was still alive~


I punched the wall in the room with my tiny fist. Feeling nothing but madness. 


I punched the wall once again to let out my anger at myself.

I felt numb as hell. I was a coward yet I could hurt myself like this.

Ever since my younger sister, Chi, reached 6 months old, I started to take care of her. And I was only 12 that time. 

I am obedient and did what I could. Even forgetting about myself. 

My priority became a mess and she was my top priority, before my family. Then I am the last. 

I was okay with it... Until I lost all the patience I had... 

Taking care of her wasn't easy. Yes, she is cute but the sacrifices I gave weren't.

My mom and stepdad are working every day, sometimes going out of town. After Chi turned 6 months old, for whatever reason, we went back to the city.

A few months later was followed by my stepdad. I don't know what happened to them but that's not my problem. My priority will always be Chi, not them.

Then a year after, mom took my older sister that I missed so badly from the province to here. There wasn't a stable place for her and she was already old enough to choose.

With our biological father having his own separate family, my sister lives with her paternal grandmother. Lately, she moved to maternal grandma's house then mom invited her here.

I was so happy about it but shy at the same time when she came here. After all, years have passed and I know both of us changed. 

Nevertheless, I know time will heal us too and fill that gap once again.

A year after and it was stepfather's youngest son who was one year older than me and his second son came next. Ah, it was a long and complicated family story we had.

But we managed somehow. And now, the apartment we had has 5 people with 1 toddler in.

In just a few years, from being alone to have this big family... The changes were so fast that I had no time to react nor refute them.

My sister managed the house and my and step-brothers helped sometimes in the house chores.

It was manageable living together and slowly I, older sis, and the youngest son of stepdad became closer together as we shared one thing we like. Anime. 

We watched anime together and even watch it late at night especially when our parents are late or went out of town. Of course, I made sure Chi sleeps early at night, if not, she could watch with us even if she doesn't understand.

Anime is the only thing that keeps me sane. So I was really glad we shared something we like together.

After taking care of Chi all these years, I learned how tough it is to be a mother. The patience I had already reached its limits years ago but I have to suppress my emotions now and then.

And I'm just a teenager, who should still be learning. Yet, I felt like a young mother. 

Every time I'm frustrated, I hurt myself in any way I can. Just like now. Because if not, I might hurt others, especially Chi, instead.

I did it before sometimes while I suppressed my strengths but the guilt I have every time still stuck on me.

But what can I do? Nobody to help me. And I can't ask anyone as everyone is busy with their lives. 

Our parents not home, both siblings studying while managing the chores. Only I didn't go to school and fully take care of Chi.

I can't bother them.


I took a glance at my fist and it was certainly reddish-pink, but I don't feel anything except feeling hot on my hand... I like to see it more...

However, I have no time as I have to go back to the other room before something happened to Chi.

I breathe in and out before going back. 

Fortunately, Chi was just watching cartoons alone and laughing.

I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. Then, I sit beside her.

The next day I woke up, everyone was gone again, in the early morning they are mostly gone, so I'm used to it. 

Chi was still sleeping so I was planning to take a bath.

However, when I stood up slowly, I felt weird. But I ignored that feeling and didn't have time to wonder what it is.

We are using an air conditioner as Chi always feeling hot, so I also felt a little chilly. Hence, when I opened the door to go to the other door, the sizzling sunbeam welcomed me.

The sun was already up and... so hot! 

I walked a few steps to get to the other room where my clothes are. But as I reached just one step inside it, I blinked and I'm already laying down on the floor!

Did I pass out?

I shook my head, I stood up feeling weak and tried to go in one more step... I blinked again and I'm once again on the floor, laying down!


I don't feel any ache in my head but I knew I passed out and my head certainly bumped the floor which is not good if continuous.

I stood up and went back to the room where Chi is. 

I thought for a while. This room where Chi is is cold. And it was so hot outside. Then was it because of heatstroke? While thinking I noticed my breathing was fast and... I'm on my knees!

Then, I realized, I'm feeling weak! I feel my neck to check myself... "No wonder..." I mumbled.

I have a fever! 

This is bad! I need to take a bath as I felt dirty but I can't get my clothes as it's truly hot in the other room!

I don't know when it started but I became a clean freak. However, in my situation right now, what should I do?

"Sigh..." Since I can't go get my clothes, I should rest more. This fever will be gone if I rest.

Just as I thought that Chi slightly woke up.

"Oh, shoot," I stood up feeling weak and hold on to the wall as I walked to where her bottle of milk is. I managed to make her one bottle of milk with blurry vision then passed it on to her. 

Fortunately, she went back to sleep. And so could I... I slept on the floor below in her bed with one blanket around me. I slept here so she won't fall and bumped her head here in case I won't wake up in time.



Arc 1: Enchantrix Race!



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