Chapter 36

I get up and go to my bathroom hoping he will be in there with no luck. My mind starts racing to all the possibilities. I just can't let him break my heart again, not after the morning we just shared and the promises he made.

I pace back and forth trying to not panic when my door quietly opens and in walks Colin with a tray of food and flowers on it. Seeing me pace and the look on my face he sets the tray down in a hurry and grabs my face.

"What's wrong Ellie?" He is clearly nervous and probably thinks someone has died with how I am acting.

"I woke up, you were gone, I thought, I thought that you--." I can't even finish the sentence. He realizes what I was thinking and pulls me in as tightly as he can.

"I am not going anywhere Ellie." He steps back but only slightly so that we can see each other. He keeps his grip on my arms. "My heart is yours and yours alone. I want to be the one that makes you smile and the one that wakes up and falls asleep next to you every day. You ar
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