No One's Luna
No One's Luna
Author: LilyDean


I lose control of myself as I make my way over to where he stands. I finally stop when our bodies are almost touching. He puts one hand carefully on the back of my neck, the other around my waist, pulling me closer with need. Sparks fly through me, and I am weak at the knees already. I can’t react as I just stand there in his arms, questioning reality. 

He leans down until his lips are barely touching mine, and I moan into his mouth, wanting more. His lips quiver and his fiery breath sends chills down to where I begin to throb. His eyes flash black and quickly back, like he is battling his wolf for dominance. 

My own breaths become shallow and I close my eyes to keep from getting dizzy. Before he can kiss me, we hear the toilet flush from the bathroom behind us. 

Colin gasps and pushes me away from him while furrowing his eyebrows and shaking his head. Leia whimpers loudly in my head at the loss of contact with our mate, as I let my own out. I take a few steps back to regain my balance and wrap my arms around myself tightly. I am so confused, everything felt so amazing, so why did he suddenly look so disgusted by me? 

“Ellie Miner, what are you doing? You know I’m with Victoria. Besides, you are the school tomboy, why would I go for you?” he says a little too loudly, as if he is making sure others can also hear it. 

 As a kid from our class makes his way past us holding back a smirk, Colin straightens out his suit and proceeds back to the cafeteria leaving me alone in the hall like discarded trash. 

 Now it is my turn to say what the fuck, but I can’t form the words. The only thing that I can do is shed a few lone tears. My heart feels like he rejected it, even though he didn’t say the actual words. 

Being who I am and loving the fact that my mother put on waterproof mascara, I clean up my face in the bathroom and head back. I am the top warrior’s daughter for Goddess’ sake, I’m not running away with my tail between my legs like some poor little pup. 

This night is far from over, and I will get back at him for this. Not sure if I’m going to kick his ass or make him jealous. Probably the latter. 

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Strong start
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Ese Nam
Let the game begin. I already love her nd hope she doesn't allow the mate bond weaken her infront of the idiot of a mate
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mmm nice...

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