Chapter 37

*****Friday morning*****

After breakfast I sit on my chair in my room scrolling through social media. We don't have school today because of some teacher thing I can't remember. Colin is with Luke in meetings all day so I told the girls they could take me shopping for my dresses. I have to wear a dress two nights in a row for the welcoming ceremony.

It's a Friday and Saturday event. It's very special to my mother, so she insisted I that I dress up. I still don't know how I feel about the whole thing, but the thought of Shane's reaction to me dressing up suddenly turns me on. I close my eyes and lick my lips at the image in my head of him in a suit.

"Woah girl, who are you thinking about?" Amber bursts into my room and starts laughing at me. I am so embarrassed and I am almost positive I am as red as a tomato.

"Shut up Amber! Ready to go? Where is Heather?"

"Ok fine, don't tell me. I know it's either Colin or Shane, so I'll eventually get it out of you!" She winks at me.

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Linda G
Will Victoria try something with Colin while Ellie is away? If either of them mess around with someone else will they feel a betrayal pain since mated and marked. Ellie is acting 17. Luke us there and she won't drink.
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
I feel like Luke's focus is so fatalistic. He has his mate now. If he can't fully embrace that he will never get over Ellie

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