Chapter 41

"May we come in Ellie?" Samantha's voice is soft like she is assuming I am naked; I giggle.

"Yes, of course Samantha! I just need to finish getting this super tight thing on me and I'll be ready to go!" Josie finishes zipping me in and I turn around to face my guests. Samantha and Luke have just walked in to take me down to the ceremony as planned.

"Look at you Ellie, wow. you are so beautiful." Luke couldn't restrain himself.

"Seriously Ellie, you look... I mean you look like a princess!" Samantha is honestly so sweet. It's easy to fall in love with her personality.

"Thank you both so much, you look amazing too, both of you!" Luke is in a gray suit with a blue tie and blue shoes, while Samantha is in an A-line long baby blue dress with crystals going around her waist like a belt. They really make such a cute couple.

I grab my clutch and link my arm onto Luke's free one.

"Wow, how did I get lucky enough to escort two gorgeous girls to the ceremony tonight?" I punch him with my fr
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