After One year

Anirudh's p.o.v

" Anirudh, I want to eat mango flavoured ice cream," Aradhiya said like a small child holding my hands.

I just chuckled hearing her cute demand.I said resting my hands on her 9 months pregnant belly," Do you want to catch a cold? Hmm. It's not good for your health at this condition."

" No, I want to. Please. You don't love me anymore. You said that you will give me everything but you aren't even giving me simple ice cream," She said and started crying.

Here started her tantrums. I am not annoyed by her tantrums because I know that it's normal in pregnancy. Oh! My little wife!!

I hold her in my embrace and immediately called one of my the maids to bring mango flavoured ice cream.

Aradhiya is heavily pregnant and one week away from the delivery. I was taking care of her personally leaving aside my every business. My family comes first.

I have appointed a f

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