12. Sweet Spot.

Sighing in relief, Pidge said, "I'm gonna call you later..."

The moment she declined the line, she turned to open the locked car.

Winter had given her the bobby pin and taught her how to open the lock using the pin.

She tried many times as she inserted the pin into the lock of the car but failed.

Dialling the number of Winter she waited for her to answer.

"Hello, Winter?"

"How do I open the lock?" she asked in whispered tones.

She did as per Winter guided her...

Finally, the lock of the car was open.

Pidge sneaked in the car and tried to find the ring under the seats.

When she kept on looking crouching down in the car, her fingers roaming around under the seat of the car.

She didn't found the ring but felt heartbroken.

What is it like to know that the person you love with all your heart gives you a very special thing and you being the careless one, lost it?

Anxiety took over her heart when a tear rolled down her che
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