69. The Last Full Moon.

It was midnight when Leticia was in the basement, the room was dark, the candles all around the corners.

In middle, the small squared shape deep dish in black and flames burning on it.

Her eyes were closed and she was murmuring continuously, the chanting began and it resumed for a while.

After spending some time alone and chanting, she noticed that the poison was just to kill an alpha. It was poisonous only to werewolves.

But the amount of wolf blood present in Lady Dasher's body is making her asleep.

The knife was being soaked in plain water and she saw the green bubbles releasing from it making the whole water filled with green thickness.

Making a disgusting face she took the knife out and wrapped it in the white napkin.

She has to take this knife to the alpha so that he could kill the witch.

Now she will put the trick of the wicked witch on herself.


Running abruptly in the woods Maddox's fo
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