Chapter 166

Razor thin branches slapped at our faces, stinging our ankles and any visible piece of skin. The darkness was all consuming, the shadows thick as they surrounded us like the heavy fabric of a cloak.

If only they protected us the way a cloak would, if only they offered their assistance as they had numerous times in the past.

Something changed since I got my magic, and that something was big enough to alter the way the shadows acted around me.

In the past, they’d jump at the opportunity to be of service, to exact a price they saw most fitting. Their whispers would plague my mind, their slippery voices a haunting song of desperation, excitement, and longing.

I could hear their whispers, only this time they didn’t seem to be speaking to me, but to each other. Flinging them around the forest so quickly I couldn’t make out what the hell they were saying.

“Wait a damn second.” I panted, gritting my teeth together as Cassidy stepped on something sharp and snarled angrily. The scent of fresh b
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Rafaella Vittoria
she needs to call the guards and Asher. she needs to stop being so stubborn. she should have told Asher
goodnovel comment avatar
Janice Choate
Taken my time on reading this book, to give the author more time to release more episodes.
goodnovel comment avatar
Stacy Kester
Is there 168 chapters because I only see 167 ?

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