Chapter 64- Forgive me

Devika's p.o.v

"I don't want to marry anyone. Don't force me," I said and turned my head to the bed.

Apeksha di held my wrists and said," I am not telling you to marry right now. First, try to know him and then.........."

"I don't want to know anyone. I am happy with my children," I replied sternly.

She said huffing," Devika, try to understand, you are young. You have a life ahead of you. You deserve someone who will love you and cherish you."

I said to her loudly almost screaming," Di, you are not understanding. I don't want another person in my life."

" Why? Do you love him?  Did you fall in love with that beast? She asked me angrily. I can see that she is now quite annoyed.

I held her hands and took her towards a chair and made her sit on it. Then I bent down to her le

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