I Love You Like an Alcoholic

I Love You Like an Alcoholic

By:  CynicalPepper  Ongoing
Language: English
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This will also be posted on Royal Road.A rundown hotel in the middle of Brazil, minimal staff, dim lighting, near no one, and nowhere. What brought these two here? A tall man clad in purple and a small clean-cut fellow with an unsettling grin. What could've led them there?

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49 Chapters
Seth Alpheus Hunt.Sapphire eyes and a shit-eating grin. I assumed he was Asian the first time I met him but he said that he was born in Russia. I tried to ask him what his age was but he pled the 5th. Half-shaven, a black curly mess on one side and practically bald on the other.The reason half of his head is shaven though is that there's a massive ass scar going from his left eyebrow to the back of his skull, almost touching his spine.He said the reason for this was, "I had a headache one day so I just decided to... remove it."When I asked him about his life's story, he became ecstatic, clapping his hands together."I was born in a small rural town in Russia, I don't remember much from those times but I do remember my brother treating me to some борщ. I think I was... 4 years young then?" He looked at me in confirmation."What? You expect me to know?" He ignored my question and went on."After 5 years of living in the Motherland,
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Nixon Driver.6'5"Age unknown.Blonde hair, parting in-between, dark green eyes, a long face with the chiseled chin. If it wasn't for the fact that he was a criminal I would say he's my type.He's quite the opposite compared to his partner in crime. Seth was flirtatious to the female inspectors and disrespectful and provocative to the male inspectors, when it came to Nixon, he was respectful and would try to not get on the other inspectors' bad sides.During the actual interrogation, Nixon would prefer to stay quiet and reserved, making sure not to say anything that would dig himself deeper or even kick dirt on anyone else in the interrogation room.Frankly... I'm not sure how we caught them now that I recall upon it.Yesterday, Sunday - January 12th, 1999. At the Tubarão Adormecido hotel, Brazil. Both Nixon Driver and Seth Alpheus Hunt were found guilty and arrested after years of running with a forty-five million dollar boun
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Tubarão Adormecido/A New World
July 5th, 1998.A rundown hotel in the middle of nowhere. Creaking stairs and molding books, nails sticking from the floorboards leading to the basement and dust covering shelves head to toe. Two maids and one person sitting idly at the counter of the hotel.Shelves for keys, locked behind small cupboards. The man at the counter quaintly reading his book, flipping each page, some stained in oil.One of the maids sitting idly on one of the old ripped up couches with a rat in her hands, slowly petting it with a bored expression melted on her face. The other made robotically cleaning what she could by herself, not even breaking a sweat in the hundred-degree weather.The man at the counter sniffs to find a warm smell passing his nostrils."I hope that food is for us." He comments, flipping another page within his book."If you want it, buy it." The maid on the couch responds."We should be getting the food for free, we work here after all
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Altered Beast I
Pitch black...Seth's curiosity has peeked. A smile drew across his face, he knew that something interesting was going to happen and he was prepared.Taking a step into the darkroom, slowly but carefully. This room... is bate.The sound of something rising is heard from the deepest depths of the room.Seth, normally keeps his eyes closed. The reason for him doing this is so he could hinder his own performance in a fight, and another reason is for a situation wherein he'd have to fight in the dark, keeping his eyes closed helps him adjust to darkness faster than most, this makes him the equivalent of a black panther hunting in the night but in human form.Seth unbuttons his vest and reaches inside of it and doesn't move.Silence.This has become a waiting game. A creak and a step. "I can see you, y'know?" Seth speaks up and whatever is in the darkness sprints at him.Seth lets go whatever he had under his vest and instead goes t
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Alter Me I
"Hi, we're gonna be your neighbors." Seth stands awkwardly as Michael tries interacting with him. Logan breaks the silence with a clap, heading into room 105. "Ummm... so do you know where the person in 104 is?""No...""I see..." Michael cracks his neck, clicking his tongue, and trying to think of something to continue their conversation."I'll be going now.""Right." He snaps his fingers a bunch, heading into the room with Logan. Seth walks past them, back into his room with Nixon, who is following behind him with food in hand."What are you doing out here?" Seth jumps, spinning around to look at Nixon."Went to greet the other tenants.""Right, well, I got you... your meat jelly..." Nixon quietly gags. handing Seth the covered plate.***"The girls will probably get settled before us so let's make a plan here." Michael starts the conversation, Logan sitting on the couching propping himself up with both arms. "I'm defi
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Altered Beast II
"So you fought against some pale guy in 104 and 'accidentally' killed him?" Nixon asks, taking a bite of a salad he has in hand."Why did you put 'accidentally' in quotes?""Because I know you don't do things on accident.""Well, I'll have you know, he attacked me first!""Did the pale guy have pitch-black eyes and long grey hair?""Yes.""I'm pretty sure I've heard of someone like that once, but most likely that dude was a druggy who accidentally kept his door open. You know, bath salts and stuff?""Do bath salts make you capable of destroying walls and give you the muscle mass similar to that of a 300-pound wrestler in their prime?""Probably.""I'm sure bath salts make you more like some, rabid homeless man cradling the face of some poor young worker boy down in the south.""Why the south?""All the nutcases live there! I was raised in Texas after all.""I've known you for a long time and your sto
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Alter Me II
"Trying to kill me didn't work out very well did it?"Melissa looks around her, composing herself, she looks over to Nixon. "Where are we?""A theme park.""I thought... I killed you.""You almost did... but I don't trust anyone. Not even my own friends. My guard is always up for any situation, which is why you are here. Does your neck hurt?""Yes...""Might bruise. I disarmed you and then choked you out with my belt. I almost killed you but I made sure to release it just before your windpipe fully shut so you could pass out.""Why have you taken me here?""To ask you a few questions.""Right... ask away then." Melissa tries moving, but she is bound tightly by ropes. "Not like I have much of a choice in rejecting your questions.""Okay..." Nixon pauses, thinking of a question, and looking down below."I just realized we're on a Ferris wheel.""Yeah, had to make sure that it stopped us at the highest
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Altered Beast III
"Where did Melissa go?" Logan asks, loosely hanging from the door to the girl's room. Svilanka shrugs, and Yua ignores Logan. Logan jumps, spinning to look behind him, Seth tapped him on the shoulder, which startled him."Nice to meet you all... can we talk?"***"Are you on the phone right now?" Caçador ignores Maid, turning around in his chair, continuing to speak to whoever he is on the phone with. Alina comes in from the outside with a broom in hand, setting away some dirty shoes she was wearing aside near the door. Alina notices Caçador and looks over to Maid expectantly.Maid shrugs, curiously heading to the hotel rooms.After a couple of minutes, Caçador hangs up. "Shit...""Who was it?""It was the boss. He's coming."Alina drops the broom, eyes widened in surprise. Her surprise turning into a grim expression, looking as if she were anemic."Fuck me..."***An hour has passed si
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Alter Me III
Somewhere else in a different part of the world. A Volkswagen drives up to a motel in the middle of a desolate desert.Nevada, Las Vegas.A man comes out from the car, he's wearing a hoodie with a coat layered over it with fingerless gloves. He has long greasy black hair, he has a long scar going from his beard to his eye. He licks his dry lips and continues limply to the back of his car, opening the trunk. He takes something from the trunk and heads to the main counter to the motel.A young woman wearing a red sweater sits at the counter, she appears to be chewing on a piece of gum. The young woman notices the man and asks why he was there."Do you know an Alpha and Artego here?"She confirms that the people he is referring to are at the motel and are living on the second floor, three rooms down. The man thanks the woman, heading back outside and up the stairs.He knocks on their door. The sound of panic, frantic yelling, and thudding, like
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Altered Beast IV
"So she was killed by a sniper?" Yua asks Seth."Yes," Seth pauses, scanning the room. "I want to ally myself with all of you. Help you get this ебарь off your back." (ебарь means cunt-chaser in Russian.) "Our reasoning for wanting to ally with you all is for one reason and one reason only. We want to do a clean sweep against all of those who want me and my buddy Nixon dead.""What do you mean by that?" Logan cuts in."Before I tell you more, there is someone very dangerous coming to the hotel and is after almost everyone's head. The only ones I know for sure aren't being hunted is," Seth points at them."Wait, so that means...""Nixon and I are being hunted by multiple people, either to capture us or kill us. Escravos is here to kill us, and someone named the Balrog is here for the same reason, the government is here to capture us and or take what we have from us.""Wait! The government!?" Svilanka yells, startled by what he said and sort o
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