Fifty Four

Skylar's POV

The State Museum of Harrisburg was enormous. The only museum that seemed to intrigue me as I stood outside of it, along with the others.

I forced myself to look back at Caden as he spoke up, "Adrian, you'll be going inside. Find that specific statue, and get that disk." His voice was low but commanding at the same time. "And you two," He looked over at Shane and Jesse. "You'll keep an eye on the borders and around the museum for Blake or his men. I've made sure to back you up with few other guys."

I couldn't help but look over at the huge entrance once again. There were a lot of people here, crowding outside the museum. Who the hell loved going to a museum first thing in the morning?

"Well, I'll need some back up too." Adrian announced, sliding in two small, sharp knives in the back of his

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