42. Both In The Apartemen

The rain fell so hard when Yuna was still looking for where Fero was at this time.

The beautiful girl who is now twenty years old keeps turning her head to the right and left, if possible on the side of the road she will find Fero.

she has been looking for the man she loves for more than an hour. But she never found Fero at all. Even when Yuna looks for Fero to a place where he often visits. She still couldn't find Fero. It was clear that Yuna was worried and afraid that something bad would happen to Fero.

"Fero...? That's Fero, right?" Yuna spoke to herself in her heart and slowly slowed down the car. She looked in front of an apartment building. a chaotic-looking man was sitting on the pavement in the rain.

Yuna knows Fero very well. And very sure that the man who is currently in front of hers is Fero.

Quickly. Yuna pulled the car over to the side of the road, then approached Fero with an umbrella.

Yuna doesn't want Fero to get sick becaus

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