I slammed my fist against the wall! 

Anger and frustration surged through my veins. I wanted to snap that guard's neck for interrupting us, but stopped myself. 

There were more important matters that needed to be addressed at the moment. 

Those bloody Vultures!

But, all I could think of was her angelic face, her enchanting emerald eyes and those tempting rosy lips. I had to refrain myself from going back and claiming those delicious lips. Another wave of anger surged through me as a result of getting separated from her. I'll make sure each and every one of them Vultures are dead. 

Earlier, I had lost control, when she tried to harm herself, and I lashed out my anger on her. 

I cannot stand her getting hurt, then why do I always hurt her?

She wanted to escape me. Little did she know, she's mine to keep and no one can escape from the Devil. She hated me

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