Time and Destiny

Time and Destiny

By:  GeekMon  Ongoing
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Nova Scott is a 23 year old scientist. She's strong, beautiful and one of the best scientists you'll ever find. One mistake and she gets caught up in a time warp which takes her 5 centuries backwards. She's mistaken for the princess and forcefully betrothed to the most cold, ruthless and dangerous King in history. Will she fight back? Will she survive and get out of there before it's too late? Or will she follow her destiny?

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Julia Nora
keep going. this is interesting! i'm wondering, do you have any socmed to discuss your story further?
2021-07-19 19:32:14
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Cole Evans
when is next update...plz keep going its really interesting
2021-06-16 17:04:29
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Crystal Devkar
can't wait can't wait...keep up
2021-06-06 11:39:38
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Gauri Deshmukh
plz wright more the story is amazing and really interesting to stop reading...plz more
2021-06-06 03:38:48
user avatar
cannot wait for more
2020-11-04 15:02:27
user avatar
Nice book! Keep going
2020-11-03 15:26:31
17 Chapters
“Dr Scott! These equations are theoretically correct but it’s impossible to practically implement them” said Dr Roberts.    I knew this was going to happen, like always. Past two months of my life I had literally scratched my brains finding a solution to stabilize subatomic particles. Why do I even bother? Rest of the meeting was a blur.   I was the first person to walk out of the conference room. I ain’t going to rest until I proved that old fool wrong and show who’s the best scientist. This isn’t my arrogance speaking. Being a scientist is about discovering possibilities and solutions not giving up. I was so immersed in my thoughts I didn’t see Dr Evans approaching me.    “Nova, I heard what happened in the conference room. Listen, you are one of the best scientists the country has but please think this through. We don’t have much time left for the International Science Summit, and we need a potential project
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I woke up in an unfamiliar place. I took in the surroundings and saw I was in a dense woods with tall dark trees around me.   My head started pounding as I tried to get off the ground. I felt like I was hit by a bus. I tried to remember what happened. It took a few moments then slowly it started coming back.   Fucking hell! I was really sucked in a wormhole.   Maybe, I just got teleported in a different place right? I need to get out of here to the nearest town and make a call. Luke must be worried sick. I braced myself together and got up. I started walking through the woods having no clue where I was going. I was exhausted, hungry, and my head was pounding hard. I kept going for 3 hours until I saw a clearing. I ran towards it in relief. I came across a man who was dressed in funny clothes.    “Excuse me sir, can you tell me which place is this?” He looked up and scrutinized me an
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  It was a painting.   Not just any painting, the person in the painting was me. Pale skin, wavy chestnut brown hair that reached the waist and dark green eyes. The princess is an exact copy of me, wait that's the opposite, I'm the exact copy of the princess. Okay now, I'm officially screwed. How did I get into this mess? This all doesn't seem like a coincidence at all. My head was spinning cause too many unusual events had happened in the last 24 hours. At the bottom of the canvas something was written. It was a name written in neat writing.   Sebastian Miller    Who is this guy? My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. I quickly put everything back in place. "Your Highness, I've brought food for you as per the Queen's orders" "Please come in" I replied.   A woman, dressed in maid clothes entered and curtsied before placing the tray of food on the tabl
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Jane hesitated.   I could see it in her eyes that she was internally battling whether to agree to me or not.   "Jane, please" I begged "I don't know but, I feel that I can trust you. I give you my word that our conversation would be within the walls of this room" She sighed and said "As you wish, your Highness" "Who is Sebastian Miller?" I questioned. I honestly don't know why I wanted to know about this guy. But I need information on the princess so this question might be a good start.   "He was the best warrior of the Kingdom, and your bodyguard. You both were in love with each other" she said and looked at my face for any change in emotions, but there was none. "What happened next?" "When the King and the Queen found out about this, they were outraged. The King announced your wedding with King Jacob of Narveria. The following night you packed and left the Kingdom with Sebastian"
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  jewels along with the white diamond?” “Still, not enough” King Nicholas said without any emotion.   I was pissed. How much more does this asshole need?   Without thinking I got up and said “King Nicholas! If you think that giving up our wealth and land for the sake of our protecting our people is not enough, you don’t deserve to be a King”   Everyone in the room gasped. King Nicholas looked shocked and furious. He was glaring at me. I knew I shouldn’t have done that, but I couldn’t help it. I hated bullies, and King Nicholas was no less than a big bad bully.   The King immediately said “Please forgive the princess for her improper remarks, your Greatness. I’m sure she didn’t mean any of it” “I regret to say that the princess has lost her memory due to unknown reasons. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about” the Queen continued sympathetically. I simply sat ba
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  I went inside the closet and changed into my nightgown. When I came outside I found King Nicholas standing right outside the door which made me shriek in surprise.    Before I could say anything he spoke with an angry tone “You were avoiding me. Why?”  “No I wasn’t! But first tell me how did you get inside? I clearly told the guards to not let anyone in”  “Did you really think a few puny guards could stop me?” he lowly chucked, “Now tell me why were you avoiding me?” he said moving closer towards me his silver eyes darkening at every passing moment.  “I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with you hurting me whenever you see me” I replied cheekily, pointing to the bruise on my arm and his faint handprints around my neck. His eyes swirled with different emotions as he looked at them.   “I never intended on hurting you, but you always provoke me to do so” he spoke clenchin
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Blood rushed to my cheeks and my heart pounded loudly in my chest. I couldn’t form words as I stared in his dark silver eyes, which was pulling me in just like a magnet and I kind of liked it.     Wait! Why am I liking this? I hate him, and I can’t bear to be close to him, but right now I have conflicting feelings. No, no, no! This cannot happen. “Stop, get away from me. I don’t want this” I cried trying to push him away.   He grinned and said “I know you want me to do much more than this, don’t hide it princess” My face was red as a tomato at this point.   He paused for a moment before continuing “I’m the Devil! I always get what I want and right now I want to kiss you against this wall and you are going to comply” he said in a deep husky voice, more like ordered.   Okay, that’s it! He may always get what he wants, but not today Satan. If he thinks he can order me a
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"I have decided that Princess Isabella Rosette Campbell of Elysian will be bound in a wedlock with me, King Nicholas the third of Arcane, two full moons henceforth from this day" he announced and smirked. Yesterday was a full moon day. That means I have two months. Freaking two months!I need to get out of here before the wedding day. Damn it! I don't have much time. I need to work more, cause building back the whole machine right from the scratch isn't a joke. Thank heavens, I have most of the equipment. Also, I need the find out the exact coordinates which would take me back home.The night had almost come to an end. All the guests were departing. King Nicholas stood there watching me with an unreadable expression on his face. Half of the time, I don't know what goes on in his head. That arrogant bastard was smirking at me. Ugh! I hate him, like a lot. When I build back the wormhole machine, I swear I'll transport him to Antarctica. I
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They were eight in number and all of them were armed with weapons. I was scared as hell but stopped myself from panicking. I will not give them satisfaction by showing any fear, instead I stood alert and waited for them to make a move.One of them slowly approached me.“Well, well, well! What do we have here?” he spoke in an unpleasant voice.“The princess of Elysian, a sight for sore eyes” another one said licking his lips.I felt disgusted and took a step backwards.“I didn’t know she was such a beauty! Why don’t have some fun before killing her” another one said grabbing my hair from behind. My reflexes kicked in, so I quickly elbowed him and he stumbled backwards and fell on the ground.He hissed in pain and looked at me with blood shot eyes.Crap! I’m dead for sure!“You bitch! You got some nerve ha? I am going to kill you” he yelled and charged towards me holding his weapon high.
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"Carter, put me down! Now!” I said pointing towards Nicholas, who was now raging with fury.  He immediately put me down and had an anxious expression on his face.Nicholas marched towards us fuming with anger while I barely managed to stay on my feet. He straight away grabbed Carter’s collar and lifted him of the ground and threw him across the field.Oh my freaking god!“Stop! It’s not his fault. I asked him to carry me because I couldn’t walk” I said wearily.He growled lowly and stalked towards Carter who was now on the ground, and furiously started punching him. I limped towards him to stop him, while he kept on smashing Carter’s face. All the warriors and guards had gathered around us to witness the scene.“No! Please don’t do this!” I begged and he paid no attention to my words as he continued hitting him. Carter’s nose was now bleeding and his face was badly bruised. He was barely conscious. I fel
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