losing my temper on you

The car halted in front of the veterinarian hospital. Eddy carried the puppy inside, with the girl holding her mother's hand.

Selina silently followed them in. When she entered the hall she was surprised seeing people with their pets. This was her first visit to the vet which amazed her. Because she never knew that humans had a hospital for animals.

She wandered looking around. The environment was different from the outside. 

People were with their pets. Most of them were there for the treatment and others to get advice from veterinarians to take care of their pets.

Selena's eyes fall on Eddy a few distances away. Making sure not to let Eddy see her, she moved closer to him.

Eddy turned around towards the girl and crouched in front of the girl and said, "Let's pray for him together."

The girl hurriedly joined her hands together and shut her eyes. She started to mumble her prayer which was not audible. She was looking so adorable.

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