Would You Still Love Me The Same

Would You Still Love Me The Same

By:  Dazzling Star  Completed
Language: English
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"Nice meeting you, Selina.” Said Eddy, hoping she would give him a chance to glance at her eyes. But it didn't happen. "We better not waste our time here." When Selina rejected to become Eddy's business partner, Eddy just couldn't believe that she was the friendly and mysterious girl that grabbed his hands in the woods that morning. However, there are more that he doesn't know about Selina…

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Blue Diamond
this is an amazing story ...
2021-09-06 05:22:28
119 Chapters
 Once again Jacob shortly darted at Sofiya and
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meeting her for the first time
4:00 A.M:Turning off the alarm, Eddy jumped off the bed. He slipped his legs onto the sweatpants and pulled the t-shirt over his head. He took the shoes from the rack and plonked on the stool nearby the door wearing it. He then strolled out of his home putting on the headphones
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procrastinating of my daughter
A tall muscular figure appeared outside Lamborghini in the parking lot of CE company with one hand tucked in his pocket and the other hand scrolling through his phone. Eddy’s appearance was completely different from what he was a while ago at his home. Lifting his head he
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treat him as their prey
“Can we go to our subject?” Eddy felt more annoyed with her words but trying his best to suppress his annoyance he said, “seems like your daughter is in a great rush, CEO. If you were that occupied then you had called the meeting some other day.”“It’s not about rushing, it’s about getting to the main subject rather than hitting the bush,” Selina said, finally meeting his eyes. Their eyes got locked for a while but Selina hastily withdrew her gaze and glanced at the file on her desk.“I am not hitting the bush, Miss. I was about to bring the subject before you interrupted me,” Eddy’s voice sounded solemn. Eddy had never felt that before. Selina’s ignorant behaviour was getting on his nerves which he was not liking at all.First, she was pretending like she had not met him before and now she was behaving curt, which was definitely not acceptable for Eddy.“I apologize for my daughter’s hasty behaviour. She is this way only,
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buried behind
Eddy stood by the mirror looking at his reflection, all set for attending the party in a Navy blue tuxedo. He took the comb and brushed his hair backward. He was perplexity if he was actually going to attend the party or not, as he didn’t get any text from Jack after the meeting.
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save me, Ed
Head to toe the person was dressed in black. As Eddy scanned the person from bottom to top, he was about to look into his eyes but suddenly the person turned to the other side."You scared me man. Who are you? Was the theme of the party to wear a mask? But I didn’t see any
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Are you falling for her?
“What? What are you talking about, Ev…” Eddy was trying to have the conversation but the call got disconnected.Chills ran through his body and he was in great panic. He dialed Eva’s number again but she didn't pick. 
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who needs whom
As soon as Eva entered the house, she locked the door and walked straight to the kitchen. She placed all the items on the cupboard and had the meal which was prepared by Eddy for her. After the meal, she quickly did the dishes and got to her room.While she was lying on the bed and checking her cell phone, she heard someone ent
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girl who I met in the woods
"Master, I was not able to get her," the man dressed in black head to toe said, kneeling on the floor, lowering his head."Impressive, how the hell did she escape? My sources said that she was alone in the house. Were you not able to get even one person?" his master, Andy Micheal stood from his chair unhurriedly.
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gulp hard in nervousness
"Are you the same girl who I meet in the woods?"Hearing Eddy Selina got nervous, "Actually…” she stammered, pushing her hand behind her ear, suddenly Mark walked towards them questioning, "Selina, are you still awake?”
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