The sound of a gun made the bird chirp as they flew up to the sky. From a very far distance, the sound of gun could be heard.

The Death lord stood at a far distance from the infiltrators who were all tied to a log with a rope opposite him. All the bullet been shot at the five men forehead weren't missed by the Death lord in one shoot.

The Death lord smirked, his target was sure to never survive because he never misses. He heard the footsteps of his men approaching him, one of them gave him a towel to wipe sweat off of his face while he handed his hand gloves to the other man.

"My Lord, we've caught some infiltrators, one from the kingdom of Darkards and the other from the kingdom  of Levine. It was a tough battle as two of our men lives were lost," One of the men explained with his head bow.

"Cyprus, they lost their lives?" The Death lord asked, his voice low and calm as usual. 

"Yes my Lord," the man named Cyprus answered.

"How pathetic. It's good they lost their lives because I would have killed them if they came back to me injured. We do not need weaklings like them guarding the border," The Death lord spoke, clearly irritated by what he just heard.

"Gather some set of men for training, we will have to change the men at the border. In as much as I hate my men being killed by our enemies, I hate weak men too," he spat out.

"Replacing their dick with a vagina would do good," he muttered.

"What should we do to the men?" Cyprus asked. His eyes not meeting the Death lord eyes once, knowing well it was a crime to look into the eyes of the Death lord.

"Leave them for now, I need a release first, call me Diana," he said to cyprus. "Also Cyprus," The Death lord called.

"I'm listening my Lord," Cyprus answered.

"Throw these men in the forest for the vultures to feed on," The Death lord ordered.

"Yes sir," Cyprus answered and walked away, going to do what the Death lord had asked him to.

After taking a nice shower, the Death lord put on his white robe, he walked out of his room to the room he usually fucked his mistresses. Just as the maid saw him walking, they bowed their head, looking at the floor in fear.

They didn't want to make mistake and do something that would cost their lives, asides that the presence of the Death lord oozed fear and made people around him tremble.

As much as the maid feared him, they all still fantasized over him. He was a man who stood at the height of 6'4, with his gorgeous olive skin, well defined jaw and natural black hair, he was the perfect snack with the perfect body.

His nose were pointed and his lips so attractive that all you would want to do was kiss them as soon as you see them. "Greetings, my lord!" They all greeted once they came passed him, not once looking at his face.

He said nothing as usual and walked away.

"He is so sexy!" They exclaimed in whisper.

The Death lord opened the door to the room looking at the gorgeous queen of the south, Diana. 

Diana is the governor of lake, popularly know as the south, a place in the kingdom of Narlands. She was often referred to as the governor of the south. She was given that position by the Death lord as she proved her worth by fighting and defeating the enemies in an attack that happened two years ago.

When the southern part of Narlands were attacked surprisingly by the people of Darkards, Diana had gone into a bloody battle with them even though most of her men lives were lost. She reclaimed victory as she conquered the enemies with her relentless spirit.

She was known to be ruthless and strong, she proved to do what many men couldn't and that attracted the Death lord to her.

Although he had no feelings for her, he liked how courageous she was and how she was good at analysing things. She was capable and trust worthy too.

"My Lord!" She was quick to get off the bed as she bowed her head when she saw him enter the room looking strikingly gorgeous as usual.

His presence always changed the atmosphere for Diana in a way she'd think it was about to rain, the breeze would suddenly get chilly, sending shivers down her spine. Diana couldn't be more lucky when the Death lord noticed her finally and had fingered her at the hallway for the first time.

She felt honoured. Although many ladies has been on his bed before, he had never fucked them more than three times and that was if they didn't mess things up in the way.

Any of the ladies that showed feelings during that process was easily discarded and taken to another place entirely but she has done far well in masking her feelings and being mutual with him.

"It's been long Diana," he said as he sat down on the bed. He didn't want to fuck her, he just needed a release, he just needed her to make him cum.

"It's been long indeed my Lord, you suddenly remembered me, so I'm honoured," She said.

"I did not remember you, my dick remembered you and your long throat," he spat out bluntly.

The Death lord was known for being blunt with words and quick with his sword. He'd tell you straight to your face if he wanted to do anything to you as he loved being clear about everything related to him.

Diana felt a tinge of hurt but she masked it with a force smile on her face. She wouldn't ruin her chances  with him, she believed one day, he'd fall for her and he'd be hers.

She didn't mind the step she took but she was sure to move gradually until her aim was fulfilled. "My long throat is itching for your super dick, can I have the honour to feel it in me?" She spoke with a baby voice, batting her lashes with a smile on her lip.

"I'm glad you sure know how to spit out words and you know the right words to spit out," The Death lord said amazed by the way Diana always knew the right words to say in his presence.

She knew what they had was nothing, it was just her pleasing her lord and nothing else, reason he always requested for her because unlike the others, she hasn't caught feelings. She knew what it was to get a release and leave it at that. 

Feelings wasn't something the house of the Death lord dealt with, when the time was right, they'd get a particular woman pregnant and after giving birth to their child, they'd send her away and train their child all by themselves.

"Strip!" He ordered and in a nanosecond, Diana stripped naked as she pleasure the Death lord till he was satisfied.

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