Chapter 1601

Not to mention that she was in a third-rate university.

The receptionist at the front desk was probably higher than hers.

Siobhan really dared to request.

Looking at Siobhan's face, Gu Linbei sighed even more.

It was not easy for Monique to maintain her original mind for so many years without being affected.

Perhaps Gu Linbei's attitude of not refuting had given Siobhan the courage.

Siobhan didn't care whether Gu Linbei answered or not.

She continued to make plans for Yvonne.

"Linbei, why did you ask the secretary to call me?"

Mrs. Gu happened to have something to do at the company today.

When she received the secretary's call, she had already arrived at the underground parking lot.

"Yu Rong, you're finally here."

When Siobhan saw Mrs. Gu, she walked over to her intimately and was about to take her hand.

"Why are you here?"

Compared to Siobhan's excitement, Mrs. Gu was shocked.

How could the Xia family find this place?

She quickly closed the door behind her and closed t
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