Chapter 421

Henry’s charming face looked upset. His expression was hardened, mouth set in a hard line, and his slender physique emitted a threatening aura.

Mrs. Lawson had a feeling that something bad would happen soon.

Everything was fine when he went out this morning. Why was he in such a foul mood when he came back?

What happened?

What kind of report did Angel want to see?

Mrs. Lawson saw the luxury car drive off and she wondered what the driver knew. He even left in a hurry! Thus, she tailed the car to the garage.

Mr. Moore had never been fond of nosy people, but the driver had known Mrs. Lawson for a long time. He could not help but tell her, “Mr. Moore told Angel that he was her real father. The child probably wanted to look at the DNA report.”

The driver felt a little smug and continued, “I don’t think it’s necessary to look at the report and prove Angel is Mr. Moore’s daughter. You weren't there to see when he was left speechless by her questions, and she was not afraid of him at al
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