Chapter 590

Han Jingjing came to her senses from her memory and narrowed her eyes. "What do you want to say?"

Xiao Fan pursed her lips as if she had gathered a lot of courage. "Manager Han, don't be angry when I say this. I know that you have always cherished talents. Although Amy was wrong, the chief culprit was Monique herself who seduced men outside. Nothing happened to her and she came back to work safely after a week off work. Amy was not only fired, but also arrested by the police for a week. It's too unfair."

Although Xiao Fan said so, it seemed that she was asking for an explanation for her old leader. On the one hand, it showed that she was a loyal and affectionate person. On the other hand, she was directly targeting Monique.

Even she herself felt that her words were very wise.

And these words seemed to be about Han Jingjing's mind.

And Han Jingjing was thinking.

Xiao Fan had been observing Han Jingjing. Looking at the change in her eyes, she continued, "This has never happened bef
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Raven Sadler
Interesting interesting things
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SrSerena Mapayo
The whole chapter is consume describing him of which it cost/charge so much points
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SrSerena Mapayo
I don't like the insertion of nonsense... Like the personnel in the department where the leading lady is working. The story is too banal, so many words. Every time the lead actor is mentioned, it takes the whole paragraph to describe him. It's nautiating... The whole chapter is consume describing hi

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