Chapter 694


No need!

Monique clutched the chopsticks in his hand tightly and looked at Henry in a confused look.

His handsome face was expressionless, and his facial features looked as perfect as if they had been carved by ingenious means.

And at this moment, he was really as cold as being carved.

He sat there motionlessly, cold and indifferent.

He was like a king who had descended upon the world. He exuded an aura that shook the world.

Monique's heart couldn't help but tremble.

She didn't understand what he meant by saying no necessary.

Was it because she didn't need to sleep with Little Nomi at night?

Or there was no need to tell Little Nomi!

She bit her lip and looked at his deep and charming eyes, wondering if she should ask him clearly.

However, when she looked into his eyes again, he found that there seemed to be some sadness in the way he looked at her.

Monique's fingertips trembled. It was an illusion!

It must be an illusion!

Monique looked away in a panic, and she was
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goodnovel comment avatar
Raven Sadler
Interesting interesting things
goodnovel comment avatar
You keep repeating how the little girl’s look many times same goes with other main characters... The intro of your story is really interesting but in middle of it your he or she is quite confusing and some names were changed and dragging. Continue working hard. Thank you
goodnovel comment avatar
Sunev Pudico De Torres
ano b yan his or her hindi naman maintindihan paki ayos naman

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