Chapter 1188

Gu Linbei: "..." His good intentions were not rewarded.

It was rare for him to comfort someone.

"It's none of my business. But if you're not in the mood, why don't we go to the hospital another day?" Gu Linbei pursed his lips.

Seeing that Louise was not happy at all, Gu Linbei's heart softened.

He could clearly see the sadness in her eyes, and even the rims of her eyes were slightly red.

Since she wanted to leave, she could wait for him to come back from abroad.

Anyway, he was just teasing her.

He had some feelings to her yesterday. How could this happen?

He just felt that it was interesting to be with this woman again.

Louise glared at him, thinking that Gu Linbei was holding back something bad in his heart. "Let’s go now."

She had endured for a whole day today, so she had to endure for a while longer. When he finished checking, she would leave immediately.

Otherwise, he would still find such an excuse to look for her next time.

The key was that when he finished checking,
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