Chapter 1327

She tried to understand Henry's heart.

"Honey, if you're worried about Gu Xiaoxiao, you can go to the hospital to see her. I know that you grew up together. I can understand the feelings between you. I'll not be so jealous because of this. If you want to see her, just go..." Monique patted Henry on the shoulder.

He struggled slightly.

"Honey, take a shower first, change your clothes, and then you can go..."

Monique was still trying hard to organize her words in her heart.

She was also worried that if she said something that Henry didn't want to hear, it would irritate him.

But she hadn't finished her words yet.

Henry's slightly cold lips blocked her mouth.

Monique knew that Henry was in a bad mood now. After being kissed by Henry, she forgot what else she wanted to say.

In fact, she didn't know what to say.

It was good not to talk like this.

Monique allowed Henry to kiss her like this.

She also tried her best to cooperate with him.

However, the smell of blood on him still
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